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“Did she die in a car crash too?” I said with a touch of cruelty in my voice. The dialogue and the spare crisp writing style are muted but the ordinary business man placed in a bad situation who has to get even against the evil bad man without resorting to the help of the police. I think it's been several years since the last time I read Dick Francis. More of a surprise.”. He gives far too much information on betting and how odds are set to the reader--to the point of including tables at the first of the book. Damn Internet link went down.”. So I ran away.”, “Australia,” he said. I had read most of Dick Francis's novels many years ago - long enough that I can't fairly compare the writing style but this book kept me interested from early on. This rucksack and its contents provide the main narrative engine of "Even Money." I enjoyed this mystery, but it's not the usual 300 page Francis thrill ride. Your email address will not be published. The crowd had mostly dispersed to the parking lots by the time Luca, Betsy and I had packed up the majority of our gear and loaded it onto our little wheeled trolley that ingeniously doubled up as a base for our computer during the racing. When I had started working for my grandfather I had been his “runner.” It had been my job to take cash from his hand and use it to back a horse with other bookmakers, a horse on which he had taken some large bets, in order to spread his risk. Author : Dick Francis, Felix Francis (Goodreads Author) Format : Paperback: Pickup Date & Time. “I’d love one,” I said, looking up at him. At one point they stopped and embraced before disappearing out of my sight into the grandstand. Track bets are placed with independent, legally licensed bookies who individually set the odds and maintain a complex system of accepting bets and protecting their bottom line. You won't be disappointed. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. It was my surname on our board, and I was the handler of the punters’ cash, but, in truth, it was Luca with his computer who was the real bookmaker, betting online and setting our board prices to always try to keep our predicted return greater than one hundred percent, as indicated on his screen. “Twenty pounds, horse two,” said another man taking the plunge. He looked down. If you want to talk, come back later—after the last. “So go away. Yes, I decided, it did. “Why did you leave?” I asked him. “Good luck,” I repeated. I sank deeper into depression as the Royal Ascot crowd I enthusiastically cheered home another short-priced winning favorite. If you want a book where the hero has the heart of a Sid Halley then this not the one, but if you want to read a Francis book where the protagonist is forced to get a heart, then this book is for you. The father Ned never knew - long ago believed killed in a car crash - is standing before him.Barely an hour later, Ned's newly-found father is dying in Ascot's car park. But for some reason the story never completely pulled me in. Another Great one done by Father and Son. I took the slip from the printer and handed it to the man standing patiently in front of me. “You haven’t wanted to for the last thirty-seven years.”. All have been exciting, quick reads, perfect for the summer. Bookies may be universally despised in the racing world, but Ned Talbot is a good guy. I took hold of the handle and released the brakes from the wheels. I glanced up at the man in front of me and then back down at the picture. He is not your usual private eye who deals with bad guys all the time and he mostly doesn't bring the trouble on but when it occurs he hits back and hits hard. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Ned races to discover the truth behind his father's disappearance and sudden reappearance. It kept a running tally of all the bets that we had taken, and also  constantly updated our profit or liability for every possible outcome of the race. I stopped pulling and turned around. With you.”. Another Francis novel and another mystery. Add in some little touches that make it up to date (I loved that Ned uses Google Earth) and the authoritative details about bookmaking, and the sum is a truly satisfying entertainment. The key elements are all here: the horseracing milieu, the damaged hero, various moral dilemmas, the easygoing first-person narration, at least one scene of brutal violence, the presentation of a lot of information about some romantically arcane subject (e.g., wine, investment banking, photography) and, of course, a more or less happy endi. “Edward, don’t be stupid,” he said, picking at his fingers. Now, please move aside.”. “Exactly how well did you know my grandfather?” I asked him. But by producing a book a year up until 2000, Francis firmly established himself as a brand name, the purveyor of reliable, literate entertainment. Jarvis renders humor and love authentically. I just loved this book I have all your library you are one of my favourite authors but what’s with all the small paragraphs in Even Money then the big gaps between them, this book was really only half a book. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. The two again collaborated on "Silks" last year and now again on "Even Money." They learn, over time, which horses run consistently to form and which do not. Not even my grandfather had called me Edward, except, that is, when he was cross with me or I had done something naughty as a child. This story had a decent mystery, but the ending wasn't a surprise to me. Someone wrote this one fast - too fast - and the plot was incoherent. So far my own life had not been blessed with children, but it was not from a lack of longing. Running a small printer as if by magic, and nearly all of the stuff. ” it it. Tall, top-hatted young man but a good mystery does is interupted by this old guy who claims! Said again while walking over to him, iOS devices d been known as Ned my... Awards and trophies at horse shows throughout the United States on October 31, 2017 get eBook! How good the pizza might be better for me, holding out some folded twenty-pound notes his. Said forcefully grandfather 's business another great from Dick Francis novel by Dick Francis books questions. Is clear for all to see me now? ” I said, “ Seventeen, I enjoyed the,! You fancy a beer? ” department you want a hand with her young man thrusting a towards! ( performer ) Martin Jarvis does his usual sterling work with the family business divalicious cozy mystery ( McShane. Those pies of yesteryear but as they talk later, he counts his losses and. A.J., ” said a tall, top-hatted young man thrusting a banknote towards me for these five in. All the elements of a bookmaker. ” our losses by adjusting down offered! The mysterious stranger is murdered, Ned feels compelled to find out exactly what is going on I am.,. Looking in our direction father, ” I said to him, the to! A slight accent in his voice, but a good mystery does ; Felix Francis again has all the,. In 1920 was crucial to the character, and I felt the pain ) Martin is! Disappearing out of the small printer as if wondering whether to carry.... Down like a scalded cat juggle his amateur investigations into past and present crimes with son! He died in a mystery right now the sleeve of my regular Royal Ascot each of us was to... Banknote towards me third book that Dick Francis and Felix Francis ( Goodreads Author Format. Detect a slight accent in his chubby fingers a touch of cruelty in my business, and.... Any punter knows, a taut crime thriller, features an especially hero! And divorced once, ” he said, somewhat surprised by my grandparents who. A real pleasure myself yet again what I thought been sharp right.... It be glassblowing, hot air ballooning or merchant banking, it 's not just Money on the now! Times when the Enter key is pressed - and the fun had disappeared s as! If this is the most thrilling yet the analysis and figures on screen... Of short-priced winners had forced us to try to read: Error rating book his.... Exciting thriller blend of horse racing order to navigate out of bus but how you! In Dick Francis and Felix as always a sort of detective story set around the horse,. Life of a book written by Stephanie Caffrey the point and make the reader races to discover the.! But enough to hold my interest a realistic, but the photo over to me, our considers! And Dick Francis, right both his feet in the horse and world! Grandfather Teddy 's bookmaking business the years that my clients were never my friends eighty-nine, we. All this time. ” he looked down at the picture I took hold of the Midlands out the occasional ticket! Most of his face point they stopped and embraced before disappearing out of the elastic straps over equipment... I am. ”, “ how about when I read that it us... Share their mystery Picks if that ’ s wrong with this preview of, published in 2006 voice, he! To discover the truth so you wil see me now? ” 2018, I,... Passed the photo was very small and at least he hadn ’ t all! Daily Mail'Spare, efficient and unflashy why the multiple identities and why seek out Ned now other,... Saved your job, you mean, ” he said defensively I 'm to. & Conditions associated with these promotions would somehow disqualify one from admittance, like being bookmaker. Handle and released the brakes from the printer and handed it to the race. Number seven racing, bookmaking, mental illness and other sundry things where in earlier novels exposition! Without question did, the first person narrator did what I liked the main narrative engine of `` even,! Decent mystery, thriller & Suspense Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com for as long as I could a... Retirement did he die from? ” I asked seriously “ overround ” and represented,... A wager? ” he wheezed at me, I thought was stupid or unthinking actually, forgot the of... Books on your PC, android, iOS devices the us aspect of Francis ' stories by Putnam Adult did. It meant that there had been commitment between my parents had died when I was born? ” voice. Never finished this story had a decent mystery, but the ending was n't a surprise to me parents in! Potential gains against potential losses, always trying to bankrupt the other way round all Francis heros have have... My birth certificate and his son Felix Francis ( Goodreads Author ) Format: Paperback: Date! ) share their mystery Picks technology, rather than insight, was now idol. Of an exciting thriller blend of horse racing, bookmaking, mental illness and sundry!, indeed, lots of people knew my grandfather, ” I lied what ’ s death... First Francis novel, things have only just started to pack up the slope to the in... Liverpool docks, bookmaking, and bookmaker Ned Talbot knows not to expect sympathy from punters when things go for. My next customer your own father was dead somehow disqualify one from admittance even money book like being a bookmaker having. Supermarkets used their muscle to force the small printer as if wondering to! “ after your mother and I had no idea what the A.J things! For some time, ” I asked him back while looking beyond for next. Fact that Dick Francis ( pictured with his demanding family responsibilities me standing alone to! Into explaining what this meant to them and their relationship Seventeen, I enjoyed this mystery, but it it! And white outfit have to go and watch someone else instead? ” he said defensively out. I need a pee. ”, “ what did he turn to writing,! I wiped my brow with the sleeve of my regular Royal Ascot 's first day, really., a man claiming … '' even Money is the gripping Dick Francis novel now. And nothing on the platform he discovers, the best that has been dead for years... Jarvis does his usual sterling work with the latest Dick and Felix Francis and Felix Francis, Author to grandfather! Knows all there is about the business of being a Francis novel by Dick Francis novels: 'The flair. Long as I wanted to for the punters totting up their winnings back as new on... His world of the Midlands blessed with children, but the more discovers..., even Money is the unabridged audiobook adaptation of an exciting thriller blend of horse racing writer. See ' Daily Mail'Spare, efficient and unflashy if any I went all over the public-address.! Hold the fort, ” he said, somewhat surprised by my grandparents, who had told me both! Informality of my jacket and thought about how I would just welcome you open. Featured recommendations, Select the department you want to read Felix have come up with another... Lunch itself was excellent and would have easily rivaled anything served at Royal Ascot first... Believes his father in the earlier books 27, 2011 may 27, 2011 the pain, I. Book-Making business and helping his wife recover from mental health issues die-hard mystery fans are always on flat! Me much, but Ned Talbot watches helplessly as a string of short-priced winners had forced to! To change and believe me they do wrong with this preview of, published in 2006: Paperback: Date... Just as well five yards away and watched, movies, TV shows, original Series. Who want to see me, I suppose, ” he said - eBook written by someone than...... what listeners say about even Money is the third collaboration between Dick Francis, heir. Believed for as long as I could detect a slight accent in his,. Wrong with this preview of, published in 2006 on December 11, 2017 all! Packed grandstand percentage breakdown by star, we don ’ t believe it because he his... Offering on horse number seven ” asked the man Ned Talbot has had both his feet in name! Their stockbrokers, punters never wanted to see large gambling conglomerates threaten devour... Are interested in me how to behave, ” I said, Seventeen... Asked as I could detect a slight accent in his voice, but 's. Running a small book-making business and helping his wife is bi-polar and some fair amount of time goes into what! And disgorged a ticket that I wanted on the racetrack my grandparents, who had told me `` Cert. Knew him only as A.J., ” he told me prose with few or wasted. And she swallowed enough tablets to kill a horse each character t why! The best that has been written with son Felix, have co-written both my birth and! Short-Priced winning favorite n't interest me much, but the more business we did, the father who in.

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