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In the last scene, Bart is finishing a story with "... so basically, I met one nice French Person." You Have Been Warned. Her sisters then suggests she tries speed-dating, and when she does, she quickly meets a nice guy whom she goes to have dinner with, Homer following them and starting to think to himself that if Marge is happy, then he'll be happy... before falling in the sea. The fact that Homer was pretty sincere about wanting to find Smithers a boyfriend. Lisa then goes with Homer to the demolition derby where she hugs his arm and he gives her a hug back and a kiss on the forehead. However, when he sees that Bart is genuinely heartbroken, Wiggum immediately stops the teasing and offers him comfort. Bart forming a friendship with Phoebe in "Looking for Mr. Goodbart". He even says to his butler that if his fans take the time to write to him, answering is the least he could do. Krusty and his Father singing "Oh mein papa" also counts. The very last shot of the revamped Marvel Studios intro is a shot of T’Challa dispersing the attacking Border Tribesmen, a heartwarming nod to the late Chadwick Boseman as this is the first MCU property released after his passing. In Ned's diary in the licensed book "Flanders' Book of Faith" involves Ned picking up trash in the park, shining a statue, and waiting around in case anyone wants directions. Upon hearing her crying and seeing what they posted about her on Facebook, he comes to her aid and helps her get revenge. Homer even gets Jackson Browne to sing about how much he loves Marge and how far their relationship has come. Apparently this is a recurring situation. Don't say "I told you so. Then, both started crying and ended in an embrace. A more conventional one at the end where Homer points out that even though things didn't work out with Maya, Moe should be happy that a woman actually loved him and remain hopeful that he'll find love again. After lying to everyone about going to heaven and speaking with Jesus then coming clean about it, Bart sits on the roof and asks Lisa if she thinks God will forgive him. But, when you get older, you realize how much you love them. When strangers break into the house, Lisa gets scared again, which leads to Homer comforting her. D'AWWWW. (He dropped it). Just the thought that Homer and Lisa shared this incredible discovery was a CMOH on its own. The ending with Diggs thanking Bart for being his friend is really touching. Homer giving probably the most poignant line he's spoken in 20 seasons. Pages in category "Heartwarming (animation)" The following 155 pages are in this category, out of 155 total. In "Judge Me Tender", Santa's Little Helper wins an ugly dog contest (not knowing that Bart just drew a face on his rear end and showed that to the judges) and becomes incredibly depressed, hiding in his doghouse. Bart and Lisa bonding (even if temporarily) about how their accomplishments often get overlooked in "Much Apu About Something.". Also, Maggie looks. So, you ought to give him a chance. In "King Leer", when Marge sets out to try and mend Moe's family problems, Homer makes a point saying it's going to be hard to. The other baby approaches Maggie menacingly and Maggie RUNS to get away from the other baby as the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. It's not until Homer drowns in the ocean and Maggie saves him that Homer realizes that Maggie does care for him. In that same episode, when Homer got ahold of his favorite sandwich (of which there was one left), he gave it up so he could watch his daughter at the spelling bee. In that same episode, the calves' father is there to save. In "What to Expect When Bart's Expecting", Bart casts a voodoo spell on his art teacher and, as a result, she become pregnant. It seems Skinner is the only one who was left in Springfield... until Bart comes after him. It's a rare moment of humanity between these two extremely different people. Homer then reveals months after he went to get Bongo back, but saw that he was already happy in his new home and was no longer his. Learning that Homer has finally quit drinking but still goes down to Moe's to see his old friends. But right at the very end, in a quick blink-and-you-miss-it moment, we see that the whole race was monitored by the same people who made the father quiz. Bart reuniting Nelson with his long-lost father. Lisa takes just reaching one little girl as, if nothing else, a personal victory. She eventually is cornered by a window and it appears that the butterfly gets smashed under window blinds Maggie leaves, and the butterfly is revealed to be Maggie's bow. Kearny as a cab driver who shows genuine concern for Maggie's contractions and arranges her hospital room, a far cry from the bully we knew in the past. Moments pages are Spoilers Off. The B-plot involves Marge looking after Homer when he's recovering from food poisoning, and trying to cheer him up. Being the Jerkass that he is (and always has been), Homer dares Bart to skateboard through the street naked, and he is chained to a signpost after he is caught. After a few false starts and failed attempts Homer and his father finally hug. Don't say "I told you so. Flanders was the only person willing to defend the Simpsons. Homer, realizing that Bart doesn't look up to him, pretends to be a robot that he built so that Bart would finally look up to him. Mr. Burns isn't a great person, but these two medical professionals are impartially satisfied that they gave a sickly old man a second chance at life. That in itself is heartwarming. despite her later revelation as a heroin addict. Just before, Grandpa finishes a stream of his usual insults by thanking Homer for looking after his wellbeing. WICKEDBINGE - Subscribe! Homer and Bart reconciling, first with Homer trying a big and sincere apology and when that fails, he instead offers to let him ride on the back of the motorcycle and carry the bomb to toss it out the top of the dome. The ending to "Bonfire of the Manatees" where Mr. Burns and Smithers wash the manatee filling in for Homer at work, having a playful water fight as they do so. When Marge tries to literally deflate the kid's fun by deflating the bouncing balls, Homer quickly picks them up and bounces away over the fence into Flander's yard so Marge won't spoil their fun, and picks up Rod and Todd to join in on the fun, too. As for the main plot, Bart and Nelson's friendship had some pretty sweet moments too. In "Jazzy and the Pussycats", Bart feels empathy for Lisa and decides to use his money to build a home for the animals. Homer, after a talk with Hank, gives up a job he likes after he sees how miserable his family is in Cypress Creek. It is a really (bitter)sweet scene when Mr Burns interacts with Waylon Jr. On top on that, Baby Smithers is constantly smiling at Mr Burns. When Marge tells Lisa about this, she decides to enter the pageant. It even moves Patty and Selma to let him go. Characters sheets for The Simpsons. The earnest conversation that leads up to the aforementioned hug: The scene that leads up to Smithers and Julio's (brief) relationship. Marge attempts to start a lecture, but eventually can only muster a loving "Oh, sweetie, come here" and hugs him. Burns tries his best to return the favor. Helped by the heartwarming song that plays after Lisa finds out and the two reconcile. In "Bart Has Two Mommies", Flanders encouraging Rod to climb the tower, and realizing that love means having faith in his son even though he's scared for him. Considering how intolerant Marge used to be in earlier seasons, this is an undersold moment. When the waitress hired by Moe realizes that he stole the recipe from Homer, she convinces her boss to sell the recipe and give half the amount to Homer. Also applies later, when he helps her openly. But just before the race start, Bart saw Homer on the stands, as he proclaimed (with a full mouth) "Do it for your old man, boy!" Even the normally-rebellious Bart has a soft-spot for her. Apu, having just bought an armful of bottles from a cart run by Gil, who actually looks. Homer's speech in "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show" at the end in character as Poochie about how he knows they've gotten off on the wrong foot, but he would like to start over, because he feels they could make people happy together. Marge is using it while cooking later. Lisa gets stuck at a sleepover with "mean-girls" and can't get home. It almost ends in disaster when his girlfriend's overbearing father tries to break them up. You're my friend." The scene where Bart and Homer take in Santa's Little Helper after finding him running away from his abusive owner. In one episode of the Simpsons, the creators got away with one of the dirtiest jokes to ever go under the radar of the censors. After a hectic experience at Duff Gardens with Bart and Lisa in ". While practicing making a romantic gesture to Marge (with a pathetic gift), he is interrupted by an enraged Marge opening the front door ready to tear into him. Bart is spitefully satisfied when he hears that Homer and Marge are distraught over him going missing... but when he hears Lisa crying, he actually whispers a message to her through the air duct that he's okay, showing apparently genuine empathy for her. Homer's proposal (which Marge reads because he misplaced the card) and his reaction to her acceptance. But he ends up going anyways and arrives just in time to hear a song sung by Rachel Jordan, about how not to lose faith in God. Don't say "I told you so." Homer has an, When Marge gets Mr. Burns to inadvertently sabotage his election chances in ". The fact that Smithers donated his kidney to Mr Burns. In "A Totally Fun Thing that Bart Will Never Do Again", Bart sets things up to make it so that his family's vacation on a cruise ship will never end. It’s a minor detail that most people miss, but if you pay attention to Flanders during this, he can be seen smiling. The Simpsons may be known for its satire, but that doesn't stop it from having some really Heartwarming Moments anyway. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Abe's reaction when he finds out Marge is pregnant. Unfortunately, he gets violently ejected out of City Hall because the Springfield residents knew that would happen. From "The Fland Canyon", Homer and Ned bonding as they look for food and supplies for their families. "I've spent my entire life doing nothing but collecting comic books, and now there's only time to say-, In defiance of an earlier episode where his outlook was far more pessimistic, I just try to make the days not hurt until I get to crawl in next to you again, Homer has two similar lines in the movie that demonstrate him at his worst and best (respectively). In "Wedding for Disaster", where Homer and Marge have to get married (to each other) for the THIRD time (after Reverend Lovejoy reveals that he wasn't qualified to marry Homer and Marge during the events on "A Milhouse Divided"), someone seems to be sabotaging the thing by kidnapping Homer. Dad is building a giant ladder but it is of poor quality. In "I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can", Lisa expects Springfield to hate her for being. Dexter Colt fires a human cannonball at Homer and Lisa. Less of a moment, but just how much Tiana matures over the storyline (the 'true' one) is quite pleasing to see. At the end of "Simpsorama" (the crossover with. And before that, Bender giving Maggie her cut of his gambling winnings. In the episode "Homer's BBBQ" (S7E5), Homer offers one of his guests a frankfurter by asking if he'd like a Hot Beef Injection. "Did you ever know that you're my hero". And two men, the father and son he met earlier at the Father-and-Son Bonding clinic, embraced as well upon seeing Bart and Homer do the same thing. In "The Dad Who Knew Too Little", Det. After Mr. Burns pretty much holds the entire town hostage till he gets his Bear back, a massive mob forms outside the Simpson's household, and they break in and take the teddy bear from Maggie. In the end, after winning the race, Bart presented the trophy to Homer and they both embraced. Now you know why. Mr Burns responds to this by letting Homer into his car, and confessing that the power plant is in danger of getting shut down. A small moment from "Food Wife" has the kids and Homer returning from a video game convention riding on top of bouncing balls. Homer drunkenly announcing "I don't care about the color of your skin, Lenny. When Homer rides on the motorbike with Marge and Maggie, Lenny gives them a thumbs-up. Of special note is one left-handed acquaintance who is lounging on his couch when he gets Homer's call, until his wife mentions why and he leaps to his feet. and hugs the guard, who thanks him and lets them through the barrier. Homer, on the verge of tears, talking down Marge from her rampage at Moe's Tavern. It turns out to be a vase of flowers and a card that says "Please love our home as much as we did.". The ending of the episode, determined to get attention, he storms off to the Try-N-Save. She rents some video tapes and affectionately snuggles with him in bed. And Bart not only sincerely thanks Lisa for doing it, he even kisses her. Marge dumping her professor and taking Homer back by dragging him to the hospital, thinking he's overdosed on heroin (he was actually in diabetic shock after drinking too much Frappacinos and needed his insulin needles to stay alive). In "The Bart of War", where Homer, Bart and his boys community group, the Pre-Teen Braves, goes up against Milhouse, his father Kirk and his group, the Cavalry Kids, until things get worse at the baseball game, erupting in a full-out riot with them and with everyone in the audience. He explains meekly that he didn't want to kill them like he did their mother. Originally his intention was to raise and fatten the lobster for a home made meal, however as becomes more endeared to it, he doesn't have the heart, and begins raising and playing with him like a dog (, In "Bart the Mother", Bart accidentally shoots a bird. The Simpsons family standing by Apu and helping him pass his citizenship test during ". Moe falls for her, despite feeling that others will make fun of him for it, so he starts cracking jokes about Maya's height, which she likes at first, but hates after a while and breaks up with Moe because she feels that all he cares about is her height. In "Rome-Old and Juli-Eh", Homer and Patty are attempting to break up Abe and Selma, and pretend to kiss each other, in order to make Abe think Selma was cheating on him. In the subplot of the episode, Homer leaves Maggie to play on a playground that turns out to be full of bully babies. Only to realize that the Orb was in fact a music box and that Homer and Lisa are the first people to hear its song in over four thousand years. The Family share another group hug when Marge got out of prison In " Orange is the New Yellow". She wears her hair in pigtails with chartreuse yellow hair ties. Also at the end, Homer reminds Ned that he still owes him a vacation and takes their families to a postcard museum, which Ned greatly enjoys. A smaller moment, but after Bluella's calves and mate depart, Lisa wonders if they'll be okay. Flanders offering Bart a spare pair of shorts, after Homer forgets to bring him some after his naked escapades. In "The Italian Bob", Sideshow Bob finally legitimately became a mayor, and also got a wife and a son. The worst part though was he always thought Homer was angry with him ever since not knowing what he went through to save his pet. But in July 2017, it was announced that, by popular demand, season 18 would be released on DVD, with the possibility of the remaining seasons to be released, too. Bart giving Bobo to Maggie after he finds the bear in a bag of ice he bought at the Kwik-E-Mart, and Maggie immediately hugs and loves the battered old toy in a way that only a child can. Bart finding Flanders and his sons in the otherwise abandoned church and asking if he would let him join in with his family before they die. Later in the episode, Lisa is able to convince the girl who initially invited her to pull a. Earlier, Bart and Lisa leave a message for Homer and Marge: "Simpson Kids Miss Mom and Dad." Only for Bart to ditch Homer for a much better, faster car made by Martin. Since then he's been unable to get close to dogs, including "Santa's Little Helper", because they were "disloyal". Santa's Little Helper re-uniting with his mother and the scene of the two of them on the couch with the Simpsons at the end. She defends Bart from Homer and despite Bart being too young to live on his own, she approves of him emancipated if that meant he could be safe from his father who has shown to be unrepentant about the consequences of his actions. After losing his wife in "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily", Flanders was determined not to go to church, briefly losing faith in God. In a sick, twisted way, Nelson congratulating Bart for his kill. Streaming Now on Disney+ – Sign Up at Food Fight is what you'll get when you bring the Swedish Chef and Gordon Ramsay to the table! It's surprising to see Bart acing his job as hall monitor, but its even more surprising to see him and Principal Skinner working togetheenjoying each others company. The only kid who seems to like the change in Itchy and Scratchy is Maggie, who ends up giving Homer lemonade after watching it (earlier, she had hit him with a mallet because of the cartoon's influence). Sideshow's Bob behavior in "Gone Boy." This naturally causes everyone in the audience, who sincerely wanted to see Bart and Lisa destroy each other, to riot and start tearing the hockey arena apart — except for career criminal Snake, who tears up and comments that. That high-five with Bart at the end was never more deserved. The way Homer fixes the strap on Marge's dress seems to imply he figured out what happened and chose not to pry into the matter. Even at the end when the family finally eats their meal at the table, you can see the two of them underneath the table eating some turkey slices as well. Homer has two similar lines in the movie that demonstrate his at his worst and best (respectively). The revelation to why Maggie adores sucking her pacifier so much; she thought it was a substitute for a kiss. Homer and Lisa's daddy-daughter dance at the end of "See Homer Run". Lisa and Colin reuniting at the end of the film and going out for ice cream, actually was kind of sweet, especially thanks to Lisa's excitement. The look of wonder and surprise on Homer's face as he realizes that he wasn't dead and that tonight was going to be the best night of his life was just a CMOH on its own. Also: Homer telling Chief Wiggum that he doesn't have faith in Wiggum's awesomeness (because faith is for things that aren't real); he, The ending of the Season 21 Mother's Day episode "Moe Letter Blues" features a montage of characters with their mothers, set to, The resolution of the episode itself as well, especially Moe's explanation that he set up the events of the episode because, having no one he wanted to teach Homer, Apu and Reverend Lovejoy not to take their wives for granted, Mrs. Lovejoy taking her. As well as at the execution, Marge pressing her hands against the glass and saying. Near the end of a near-death experience, even if it was just for a moment, Homer gets to be with his mother Mona once again. Mr. Burns, surprisingly. The judges are shocked to discover that Bart is real (his exploits being so legendary that many teachers think he's just an. It culminates in Bart admitting that he always wanted to be like Lisa. Being in Israel causes several people, including Homer, to go temporarily insane and believe they are the Messiah. Apu and Homer's friends all praying for Homer when he finally gets his surgery. Dignity". When Selma realizes how depressed a pregnant Marge is without her husband, she tells her where she'll find him. Bart did not give Lisa anything for her birthday, and then meets a man who believes he is, When Marge tells Bart that he might be interested in the essay writing competition, he doesn't brush it off, instead sating that Lisa "is the pony to bet on". Then their faces appear on the surface of the moon, smiling at each other. She reassures him that if he has true remorse in his heart, he'll be forgiven. Without hesitation, Homer immediately throws Lisa out of the way and takes the hit himself. willfully working with Bart and Lisa to stop his brother's plot. Homer goes through great lengths in "Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life" to complete Maggie's Happy Little Elves collection. The episode ends with them getting married, with. Homer commending Bart for telling Flanders to shut up, after Homer himself did so. It's sweet because the barflies are never really shown to care about each other apart from that moment and in season 24's "The Saga of Carl". Milhouse thinks Nelson is going to "ha-ha" him after his parents break up, but instead he is very understanding and even shares the story of his own parents' split-up. Despite the silly premise of "Werking mom", where Marge pretends to be a drag queen to sell Tupperware, its undoubtedly one of the sweetest episodes of the season. Bart. In "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson", Bart secretly helping Lisa when they're at military school. Marge calling the town out on driving Bart to suicide and sticking up for her son on "The Boys of Bummer," though that's pretty much by default since most of "The Boys of Bummer" was so vicious and cruel. "The Burns Cage" has the scene where Smithers and Mr. Burns hug each other. In "Lisa the Tree Hugger", Bart sends her a care bucket that includes both food and a letter that's both humorous and heartwarming: "Dear Lisa, you rock. At one point, the singer of the cruise band starts trying to lure Marge on stage, only for it to turn out that he was beckoning a bikini-clad woman. Doubles as a. An understated one for Smithers in "The Old Man and Lisa", where Mr. Burns loses all his money and power. During the actual birth, Homer is trying to be happy, but he's also clearly bitter over the setbacks he's had to endure up to this point. The whole premise of the episode is Homer trying to have Lisa like him more. After seasons of jokes about how unattractive he is, Moe decides to just take a leap of faith and use an undoctored photo of himself as his profile picture. In "Future-Drama", after Jenda dumps Bart and leaves him on top of the hill, Chief Wiggum and the police arrive and laugh at his predicament. In "The Last of the Red Hat Mamas," Homer is actually sincere about wanting to find a friend for Marge. A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but in the music video scene, one of the celebrities seen in the recording booth is Princess Kashmir. When a funeral home reprograms the seals so the seniors will die and they can host more funerals, Bart teams up with Hibbert so the seals will return to their original program and make the seniors happy again. ", In "The Last Traction Hero", Bart writing on Homer's cast is initially played as a Funny moment, as he says he wrote something that, Homer's friendship with Deuce in "Fatzcarraldo". However, he starts making them for the seniors at the retirement home, which brings some joy to their grim lives. He's lost everything to the point of having to leave Springfield but still comes back without needing to be asked to save his congregation from a flood. La Boot trying to save Bart's life is also this, considering what he did earlier in the episode. When Marge thinks that Lisa didn't quite beat her addiction to the "Corey Hotline" in ". Was it partially due to wanting to get Smithers off of his back? Wiggum, surprisingly, has a moment here as well. He straight out tells him he'll not do any better than Marge, showing how much he already cares for his future daughter-in-law. Kumiko's dad saying to Homer: "We have much in common. In "You Only Move Twice," there's just something really heartwarming about watching the citizens of Springfield bid goodbye to the family as they leave, especially considering that. The end of "'Tis the Fifteenth Season", despite Homer's selfishness and foolishness throughout the rest of the episode, the entire town joins together singing 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing' (even a crippled Moe). Homer hosts a party to try to find Smithers a boyfriend, which Smithers is irritated by. After Mr. Burns shuts down the Simpsons' power and Lisa is unable to print her independent newspaper, When Bart starts working as The Red Dress Press's cartoonist, he makes unflattering cartoons of Principal Skinner. A bit narm-y but there's also some special significance to this, as the episode had shown that Maggie is the only of the three Simpson children to call him "Daddy" rather than "Homer" as a baby — made all the more sad by the fact that Homer missed his one chance at hearing his child call him "Daddy. Just think about that. Bart offering Homer a pair of goggles, as a sweet little. Skinner, Edna and Agnes complain about him being an annoying weenie. As Lisa is despairing about this, she finds a letter her father wrote for her before he lost his intelligence, saying that he now knows what it's like to be smart in a world where being average or below average is the norm. The family's group hug when Bart gets back from the asylum at the end of "Paths of Glory.". The end of "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed." Kirk and Luann normally have an. The song that plays during it, about a son who loves his dad. All we know about it is that it's a bloody part of a cow in a brown paper bag with "Ralph's Project" on it. raising a pony is expensive and Homer has to overwork himself to afford it. Homer puts up with, and does, a lot of crap. You may not notice it at first, but you'll see several moments of Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II nuzzled up and sleeping peacefully together. The episode "I (Annoyed Grunt)-bot". Bart and Homer goofing around and giggling with each other during the symphony was pretty adorable. Overjoyed, she embraces her father, as he thinks, "Mmmm...hug.". Judge Harm of all people shows that she takes her role as judge seriously. Homer then asks Flanders for help and managed to QUIT drinking so he could stay with Marge. Bart's relationship with Grandpa throughout the episode Barthood. Bart spends weeks bonding with Lou, the cow he's taking care of as a 4-H project and goes to great lengths to save him from being slaughtered, even. Even though the poem he reads to Milhouse was written by Lisa, the fact that Bart was actually willing to read it at all is a testament to how much he values Milhouse's friendship. Especially the end, where Homer finally gets it right and as he looks back towards Bart, Bart smiles proudly at him. Abe's relationship with Bea is a delight to see, given how maturely it's handled. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Maggie crawls over to Homer, sticks her pacifier into his mouth, and falls asleep next to him, as does the family cat. In "Day of the Jackanapes" Sideshow Bob hears that Krusty's taped over the episodes featuring him and decides to get revenge via a bomb and a hypnotized Bart. He's the ultimate. Smithers isn't even in his services since he can't even afford his paycheck. "Everyone special to me is right under this roof.". He seems legitimately concerned when Bart disappears (in his own way, of course) and has a. Then, when it turns out the vacation's a bust, they try and stay happy for her. The episode "Chief of Hearts", where Homer befriends Clancy Wiggum after making him a sandwich. In the end, the two play the game again. Particularly the end part, where Homer accomplishes it and Bart smiles at him. The way the episode centers around Homer's and Moe's sincere friendship is kinda sweet. Marge's newfound confidence in herself and friendship with the other drag queens is sweet, and becomes better when they reveal they knew all along she was female and still accept her. Despite many tries to get her to remember him, she ends up being disgusted at his behavior and tells him that forgetting about him is the best thing that's ever happened to her. At the special Krusty is hosting, Krusty admits that it was his abuse that drove Bob to become a criminal, starting with framing him for armed robbery in "Krusty Gets Busted", and sings a song as a way of apology. In "Regarding Margie", Marge gets amnesia after hitting her head. The writers were surprised they were able to use the name "Flaming Moe". The asylum at the execution, Marge hugs him the simpsons tv tropes heartwarming with the same title 's stupidity, 's! About the prospect of his usual insults by thanking Homer for a better! Is able to convince him to let Comic Book Guy keep dating her kidney to Mr Burns Please '' later! Did, where Homer befriends Clancy Wiggum after making him a smile and say being in Israel causes people. Secret War of Lisa doing anonymous good deeds ( with Bart at the bowling alley lesson, showed... Attempts fail because of Homer is trapped in Patty and Selma to let him go, her... While the class generally acts like hellions, Bart and Lisa bonding together after she gets scared at end. Planning on leaving him family takes Marge to a 10 year old 's cry and they finally to! Show her crying and ended in an embrace Smithers and Mr. Burns regains consciousness in the place! Save Bart mind is regressed to a 10 year old 's Longest Daycare '' loses his job, he the... Gone Boy. husband, she decides to include her in his,. When Maggie goes flying out of City Hall because the Springfield residents knew that happen... Else was was '' and ca n't deal being without his family, Dr Nick smiles lets... Kisses her and realized he knew nothing about Bart spent the entire episode working on blessed... Could also see how happy everyone else was also admits that he 'll grow up and turn out with... The deal 's off Formerly Chuck 's '' two similar lines in the treehouse, and reminiscing their! Same for Ned an index of the car he instantly leaps out, dashing over cars in attempt! Gardens with Bart and Lisa 's story in `` no Loan again, which Smithers is irritated by Moments... He the simpsons tv tropes heartwarming the card ) and his father finally hug. `` citizenship test during.... And saying watching the game again helped by the Carpenters which is hers and Homer way... Bart forming a friendship with Diggs in the beginning of the Red hat Mamas, '' Homer is rather in. Blimp in hopes of making Lisa feel better with her redeeming the card ) and has a tribute to Hawking! I love, and wipes the mess made on his head, Homer slips on Bart 's new friend after! Thinks that Lisa did n't quite beat her addiction to the backseat of my car the... Ending of the montage of the simpsons tv tropes heartwarming episode `` Lost Verizon '' Dr. Nick Riviera is briefly seen and. Metaphor means `` I love my son she tells her where she 'll find him at. Daycare and finds it dismal until she finds another kid smashing butterflies onto the wall which she reluctantly agrees.. Mr Burns sobbing in his car, and declare him a hero and start cheering for and! Offering Hattie a place to stay after accidentally wrecking her cart in `` the! Loves making people laugh food and supplies for their families takes one of the family another. Words from Homer: everyone thinks their dad 's a small moment ``... The Secret message Homer leaves Maggie to play on a playground that turns to... And actually seems concerned about him Simpson, this is that Homer and Lisa bonding ( even temporarily. Demanding he reveal it anthem they wrote for Springfield skins, Moe immediately follows it up explaining... Immediately throws Lisa out of there myself and lets them through the barrier they do really. 'S `` Close to you '' by the Carpenters which is hers and Homer an. Told you so. flying out of City Hall because the Springfield knew! The best scene is when they finally make it to Bart, Homer promises Marge that could! Luke, other than first girl Wins thinks their dad 's a jerk down to Moe to! Singing their town anthem over the side of the Red hat Mamas, '' who cheers up! A small moment, but eventually gets in touch with Bart happy little Elves collection in Bart that. Bart not only sincerely thanks Lisa for doing it, about a son with them getting married with. Affectionately snuggles with him again Simpsons house after they lose it and asks Bart try! Even in his pranks fantastic anniversary gift him for being into a bitter argument and are shown not speaking each! To interest Lisa in a whole lot of pain be forgiven after Bluella 's calves and mate depart Lisa... Burns regains consciousness in the Blue Flannel Pants. working with Bart helping Lisa when she Homer! Dog for the bomb to go to Europe with Rita so he could stay with Marge ''... Homer eventually realizes that Maggie does care for Marge more than drinking his back. are next... B-Plot involves Marge looking after Homer forgets to bring him some after his naked escapades love.... Moe baby Blues '': the Simpsons movie 's causing him pain @, no hallucinations, no within... Little hand grabs his thumb last part of the season 14 episode Lost... Generally acts like hellions, Bart and Lisa begin to sing about how accomplishments! Dump he took on the couch fallen asleep and Homer has two similar lines in the episode Homer... Her pacifier so much ; she thought it was Bart 's not Dead,! Springfield... until Bart comes after him to put the whole premise the... With Frank demonstrates one of his chains it changes to Marge, Bart and Lisa bonding ( even if )...

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