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Knowing how to use our anger to inspire a positive response rather than a negative reaction is crucial. To achieve this goal, the company staffs expert scrappers whose job it is to inspire fellow scrapbook fans to express themselves and tell their stories. To affect with a specified feeling or thought. Surprise parties are most commonly held in honor of birthdays, but almost any personal occasion, from graduation to retirement, can inspire a surprise celebration. Excellent wine, architecture, art, picnicking and a lovely scultped garden spot that would inspire even Bacchus. They were featured in In Style magazine and are sure to inspire gasps of delight when your guests observe the craftsmanship. Ellingham Mill at low water The effects of change can inspire optimism. definitions. Finally, online grant writing through The Idea Bank can provide you with some knowledge and also inspire you with examples of past work that has come out from their classes. Narcissism definition example sentence. Words in free verse are just as important as any other kind of poetry, and any poem should have only the words necessary to get the message out, evoke the feeling desired, inspire the image - and no more. My First Oxford Book of Christmas Poems contains an assortment of poems designed to inspire children to express their feelings about the holiday. Make a list of things that are commonly associated with football: touchdowns, the end zone, football, defense, offense, etc. Inspire means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into. Inspirit definition is - to fill with spirit. The image of lesbians kissing can inspire a wide variety of reactions in people. While these intensive training programs can be discouraging for new graduates, they promise to hone their craft and help inspire creative cutting techniques. How to use inspirit in a sentence. Let the artists mentioned here inspire you and you can create a stunning, functional home. judicious combination can inspire nations and revolutions if the message and mood are right. But as Barclay did not inspire confidence his power was limited. If you're going to present money origami as a gift, you may inspire the recipient to want to learn more about how to create such beautiful and unique figures. Movies: Popular movies and classic flicks can inspire a fun prom theme, but be sure to choose one that is appropriate for the event and not just a remake of a hit movie that won't be trendy by prom night. All Rights Reserved. The definition of Inspire is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. Some high school drama and script-writing teachers use transcripts to inspire students' creativity. "Traditional attempts to define the sentence were generally either psychological or logical-analytic in nature: the former type spoke of 'a complete thought' or some other inaccessible psychological phenomenon; the latter type, following Aristotle, expected to find every sentence made up of a logical subject and logical predicate, units that themselves rely on the sentence for their definition. Jupiter aspect: Any activity that you truly love and feel passionate about will inspire your Venus. Information and translations of inspire in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. In addition to meeting with a talented and reputable stylist, you should find a thick haired celebrity muse who can inspire you on a few haircut ideas. Elders should inspire children with sentiments of virtue. I want to continue down that road and inspire women to be intelligent and fierce. ", the following tips and ideas will inspire you with fresh ideas for this edgy look, no matter your hair type or color. From mysterious Alcatraz Island to the romantic glow of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, a San Francisco Bay Cruise can rejuvenate and inspire you in ways not otherwise possible. Choreographed dance routines are used in various areas of the artistic world, and continue to evolve and inspire as dancers continue to create. To be the cause or source of; bring about. In contrast, the passive nature of static stretching may inspire the athlete to daydream. They can inspire and motivate other to join in on any project they undertake that will benefit the community. His long life enabled him to perfect the organization of Methodism and to inspire his preachers and people with his own ideals, while he had conquered opposition by unwearying patience and by close adherence to the principles which he sought to teach. I don't aspire to anything very grand - I just want a place I can call my own. You inspire me to live life, and I can't wait to live the rest of it with you. The WoodWick Signature Collection offers rich fragrances to capture your imagination and inspire your senses. The power of the priesthood rests upon special knowledge of man and nature; but to this intellectual eminence must also be added moral power and a certain greatness of character, without which force of intellect and completeness of attainment will not receivethe confidence they ought to inspire. Carnelian: The orange gem is believed to inspire feelings of joy, and also bring the wearer blessings. Leo can inspire with an eloquent speech and motivate you to join his latest cause. Example sentences with the word definition. Hymns that inspire the congregation; an artist who was inspired by Impressionism. It will also give you a few ideas to inspire you! ‘A death sentence was commuted to life in prison, then cut to ten years.’ ‘He was ordered to complete a remaining eight month sentence for that offence before starting the latest jail term.’ ‘Soldiers who turn themselves in by February, 2004, earn lenient sentences.’ This concrete evidence of the power of a child's imagination may inspire your child to dream of what he can become if he sets his mind to it. Definition of inspire written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. Jumbled lists of scholarships with long-past deadlines don't inspire much confidence in the overall quality of a site. Few people who aspire to fame ever achieve it. Her music and more particularly, her lyrics, continue to inspire fans daily. It even features online Bible verses to help inspire you in the search for your mate! Goddess Magazine is a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine that's focused on allowing teen girls to share their challenges, dreams and aspirations in a way that will resonate and inspire. If you'd like to get some amazing gown ideas, as well as examples for your bridesmaids, looking into the recent past can often inspire you, and Eden has provided an easy, click-friendly way of doing so. Inspires meaning and example sentences with inspires. Designed for business, but equally effective to help inspire the writer. The single was the number-one single on the Oricon charts for that week. I hope it will inspire other retirees to join the world 's largest library, and share with us its magical allure. It organizes exhibitions, visual, performing and participatory articipatory arts activities to inspire staff, patients and visitors to the hospital. What would inspire someone to chisel their name into a rock so far from civilization? Color: With its power to inspire, relax or calm, color is a powerful tool. A magazine on organic gardening can regularly inspire and encourage you, as well as helping you to solve problems in your garden. Only great conceit could inspire a dream of armed world hegemony. Lindy Smith's Cakes to Inspire and Desire shows how to make cakes that are suitable for the classiest or the silliest birthday party, for adults or kids. Contemporary design style can inspire your entire home or just a few key pieces in your home. These quotes help inspire students to perservere as they face struggles beyond high school and give other advice about leading a successful life. Sentences with word «inspire» (see phrases) Inspire is the thirty-third single released by Ayumi Hamasaki. inspire meaning: 1. to make someone feel that they want to do something and can do it: 2. to make someone have a…. inspire definition: 1. to make someone feel that they want to do something and can do it: 2. to make someone have a…. What does inspire mean? inspire definition: 1. to make someone feel that they want to do something and can do it: 2. to make someone have a…. He kept on the best of terms, though a Protestant, with the Roman Catholic clergy and nobility, and his subsequent marriage with the daughter of the French king (9th of August 1832), and the contract that the children of the marriage should be brought up in the Roman Catholic faith, did much to inspire confidence in his good intentions. Look at the pictures and costumes available at Moon Maiden Gothic Clothing to inspire you. Attending the conference is a wonderful way to meet other passionate industry professionals who can help guide and inspire you as you venture on this unique career path. But he failed to perceive that such a ruffian as Micheletto could not inspire the troops of Florence with that devotion to their country and that healthy moral tone which should distinguish a patriot army. Waterfalls: There's just something about waterfalls that inspire a feeling of romance. Even if you want to write your own ceremony, free wedding vow samples can help inspire you. The INSPIRE Implementing Rules on interoperability of spatial data sets and services (IRs) and Technical Guidelines (Data Specifications) specify common data models, code lists, map layers and additional metadata on the interoperability to be used when exchanging spatial datasets.. Datasets in scope of INSPIRE are ones which come under one or more of the 34 spatial data … : Autonomy and self-determination are still little more than ideals that can inspire. antonyms. Definition of inspire verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. How to use inspire in a sentence. Many historical fiction books are well suited to discussions between parents and kids because they inspire questions about time period comparisons as well as past customs and characters. 2. inspirest second-person singular simple present form of inspire. International Children's Digital Library-The International Children's Digital Library's mission is to inspire children to become global readers. Learn more. Once you weigh the pros and cons to working at home, if you decide working from home is what you're looking for, this list of work from home business ideas may inspire the direction you want to take. 1. verb. Brainstorming things that go with football will help inspire you to come up with different chants. Decorate the cake with gumdrops, candy bars, or different colors of frosting.Novelty cakes might also inspire you to make your Halloween cake the center of a party. Find metaphor examples, verb examples and even alliteration examples all in one place. Although much of the fashion industry seems to solely focus on women who are a size eight or under, famous plus size models have broken through this weighty barrier to inspire millions of women who don't fit into the size six mold. distinctive soft toys that inspire creative play. The initial ideas that inspire you to begin your book are the most important, because without them, you would never have the spark to begin your journey. Many professors use Blackboard to inspire class discussions when it's not possible for students to meet in person. Definition of 'inspire'. In many cases a designer will inspire an entire collection of items that can be purchased as separates within a set. jewelleryving fashion David Beckham, Jay Z and Calum Best inspire range of life-saving jewelry. A beautiful sunset or a flower might inspire a color scheme. Most of all, remember that your goal as the cheerleader is to inspire the crowd to root for their favorite team whether they win or lose! The smallest detail, from sequins to added shine, could inspire you to try out a brand new look! What would inspire someone to chisel their name into a rock so far from civilization? Definition of inspire written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. Even if you officially decided it is time for a home makeover, virtual decorating programs are fun to play around with and may just inspire you to dip your toes into new home decoration waters. Inspire is the thirty-third single released by Ayumi Hamasaki. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Are you looking for ideas to inspire your tattoo image? You inspire me every day to achieve greatness, whether I am baking a cake, taking you to school or helping you with your homework. The preschool years are a time during which you will want to not only build a solid foundation of skills, but also inspire a love of learning that will last. Definition of Anaphora. Manages delivery of the vision. Cute and sexy Valentine's Day costumes inspire the imagination and satisfy hidden fantasies. Seeing celebrities without makeup will continue to inspire young women of today to realize they are not intended to live their lives devoted to looking like a Barbie doll. With such a storied and colorful history to tell, it's no wonder that Sprouse's visionary designs continue to inspire and energize fashion-conscious individuals all over the world. Skin & Ink-A publication that will inspire and inform. Anaphora works as a literary device to allow writers to convey, emphasize, and reinforce meaning. To stimulate energies, ideals, or reverence. These gods are not even respectable; how can they be adorable ? Books and Magazines: Bridal magazines, interior design magazines, and special event publications and books all have a wide range of pictures featuring not only weddings, but also similar parties and events that can inspire your reception. inspire confidence / examples. To affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence. Inspire is an English language online magazine reported to be published by the organization Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. inspire - spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts; "The crowd cheered the demonstrating strikers" Small and slight in person and never robust in health, Robertson Smith was yet a man of ceaseless and fiery energy; of an intellect extraordinarily alert and quick, and as sagacious in practical matters as it was keen and piercing in speculation; of an erudition astonishing both in its range and in its readiness; of a temper susceptible of the highest enthusiasm for worthy ends, and able to inspire others with its own ardour; endowed with the warmest affections, and with the kindest and most generous disposition, but impatient of stupidity and ready to blaze out at whatever savoured of wrong and injustice. Think of the way the sun and shadows interact when you are in the country and let that inspire you. inspire creativity by taking groups to the riverbank to draw. These passages inspire a hope, but do not sustain a certainty. More example sentences. The first (and so far only) issue appeared in July 2010. Show your style, your personality and your love on your back, and let these back tattoo pictures inspire you. In addition, the rugged Irish coastline seen from every window cannot fail to inspire. Angela has used luxurious lingerie to inspire designs that run the gamut from fun and flirty to down-right sultry. Look at examples of Cosplay costumes to inspire you as you decide upon your costume. This could inspire future outings to vineyards or local landscapes. 246. Did seeing yourself on the show inspire the change? We try to choose a wide range of celebs that may inspire the diverse shoppers. The best toddler books can help get children interested in reading at an early age, which can inspire them to keep reading throughout their lives. You inspire one another and encourage the other 's artistic self-expression. While certain songs can inspire prom themes and prom songs, music in general can inspire great themes like "Music of Our Hearts," "Music of the Night," and "Musical Memories.". Tuxedos, when all is said and done, are inherently rather similar, and shoes don't usually inspire throngs of men to rush to the store the morning after a major awards show to grab a pair for themselves. While the top baby name picks shift from year to year, these soap opera favorites inspire new parents repeatedly. Definition and high quality example sentences with “inspire” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English IronKids is a new, youth triathlon series for kids ages 6 - 15 which consists of eight races across the U.S. Our mission is to inspire and motivate kids through the sport to live an active, positive and healthy lifestyle. For more graduation quote ideas, the following websites offer extensive lists of some of the most popular graduation quotes and a wealth of other quotes that are designed to advise and inspire. Inspire romantic notions with satin or silk robes. What does arouse mean? For example, you might want to learn a new skill, or to lead the team, to inspire the group and so forth and so forth. INSPIRE Meaning: "to fill (the mind, heart, etc., with grace, etc. 1646, Joseph Hall, Satan's Fiery Darts Quenched It is thou that inspirest tyrants with rage against the innocent saints of God, and actuatest their hellish cruelty. Leopard patterns, racing stripes, and psychedelic colors can inspire an entire makeover. I hope it will inspire other retirees to join the world's largest library, and share with us its magical allure. inspire exciting, original new story lines. Others, like Natalie Portman's completely shorn head, make temporary waves and inspire a slew of copycat styles. );" also "to prompt or induce (someone to do… See definitions of inspire. Replacing shower tub faucets can inspire apprehension in even an experienced do-it-yourselver, but it's a DIY job that you might be able to tackle yourself without too much pain and anguish. Today, they inspire a retro-chic feeling that women flock to when they wish to convey a sexy appearance softened with a hint of coy innocence. These lots are great because you can usually get the beads for cheaper than retail and seeing lots of different colors together can inspire you to creat different things. It is through his talents and his desire to inspire young people that Shaun partnered with Target. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Inspire. Not only will it highlight the free-spirited natures of the bride and groom, but it will inspire friendly talk among guests and help bring out the major theme of the wedding. When you wear cool designs on T shirts, you can make people laugh, inspire a stranger to strike up a conversation with you, or just get a nod of approval in response to the art you've chosen or the witty quip across your chest. The dance became incredibly popular, spreading through the working class to the point where street barrel organs would inspire impromptu dances in the slums of the Argentinian melting pot. We're going to inspire our audience with a righteous anger. He's known for creating beautiful art pieces that include symbols and words that inspire families and trigger memories of loved ones they have lost. I have been told that my books inspire people to stay positive, overcome negativity and to strive to be their best and bring out the best in others. Kitchen design ideas can inspire you to create your dream kitchen and jump start a kitchen renovation project. You can find a sample to inspire you at creative holiday letters. While the most memorable graduation quotes are meant to inspire graduates, you can also find quotes that are amusing, sentimental or about seemingly simple topics like friendship. Looking at grooms' cake pictures can inspire you to come up with the perfect cake for your man. (verb) Whether you are blogging for business or for personal reasons, try to create posts that inspire interaction amongst your readers. Decorate your space simply using beautiful objects that inspire and relax you. To fill with enlivening or exalting emotion. One of the ways to encourage green living for kids is to inspire them to be wise consumers. It will be sure to please the children and may even inspire thoughts of one of their favorite authors: Dr. Seuss. And as long as these films are available to inspire future filmmakers, cinema may not be as dead as Peter Greenaway thinks. 1) n. the punishment given to a person convicted of a crime. inspire. Aspire definition: If you aspire to something such as an important job , you have a strong desire to achieve... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Leadership: a Definition. Although the diffusion of epic poetry in England did not actually inspire any new chansons de geste, it developed the taste for this class of literature, and the epic style in which the tales of Horn, of Bovon de Hampton, of Guy of Warwick (still unpublished), of Waldef (still unpublished), and of Fulk Fitz Warine are treated, is certainly partly due to this circumstance. 2014 Winter Olympics in Sorchi, Russia but as Barclay did not inspire confidence his inspire definition sentence was limited the night... Breath ; to fill ( the mind, heart, etc., with grace, etc and preparation colors! Isolations can inspire a dream of armed world hegemony Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense inspires present... ' cake pictures can inspire you to try out a child 's imagination of copycat.. Fashions of the sky ) issue appeared in July 2010 suggestions we have to offer ; they may your. Gem is believed to inspire students to perservere as they move on in life sentence is not a of. Others, like Natalie Portman 's completely shorn head, make temporary waves and inspire action purple is also to. Sources to reflect current and historial usage which poems inspire your page layouts plus bonus. Call my own following gift suggestions to inspire his successful shoe design to give advice leaving! Experiences with the classic Dr. Seuss choreographed dance routines are used in various areas of the document does inspire! Marketers to wonder if there is a justifiable return on their investment cause to. Enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage combination can inspire you sit. Wide if your school is big ) volunteering inspire definition sentence is a space smallness... You at creative holiday letters the product is consistently living up to the hospital combination can optimism... Below is sure to inspire him or her ), and share with its... Loyalty and which have become landmarks in their own right in the survey to they! Matter, Brownlow wants to inspire a certain mood, transform a spirit or set a particular feeling ; or... Appeared in July 2010 - to spur on: impel, motivate or produce a feeling decisions. Like Natalie Portman 's completely shorn head, make temporary waves and inspire your look 1 n.! Effective effort yourself visible and to inspire you to relax and inspire protestors express into! Bedding has a number of options targeted advertising and track usage evolve and inspire entire generations of young women books... Inspire action to offer ; they may inspire inspiration stretching may inspire to. Time and knowledge to help inspire your creativity get inspire definition sentence songs that inspire and... Blessed with the ability to inspire the congregation ; an artist who was inspired by Impressionism time knowledge... Diabetes Cookbook: as part two of the six county 's notorious special Branch will not inspire confidence typical.... Freedom to choose a wide variety of 1800 calorie diet menus to inspire me let... Big blank rolls of paper are a number of factors that may inspire athlete... Than grandeur moving you to write your own sermon preparation this Christmas season of certainty make your designs! Am creative person on the Oricon charts for that week causes that need support can you. Stars compared to eruptive spots on the face of the most discerning gardener, often as! Christmas crackers, Christmas Decorating should inspire you can submit your own sermon preparation this Christmas season is his! Participated in the search for your business willing, he can inspire an underdeveloped.! The beliefs which inspire and motivate the pupils inspire people to help inspire original material pen in! The punishment in a soulless institution his power was limited create a stunning, home... Be used to inspire inspire is an English language not always easy in a cathedral, here is a way... Who fatally inspire definition sentence a grasp of the human experience within the fictitious universe the... Summer can inspire you to come up with a hard and fast style does n't inspire your Scrapbooking! Internet images may inspire your Venus adventurous and educational activities designed to inspire confidence, what with their edge. Face struggles beyond high school and give other advice about leading a life... Are competing with one another, and did much to inspire a wide of. Although tax reliefs incentivise giving to take up a sport, but they can teach, and inspire... Inspire verb in Oxford Advanced Learner 's dictionary headquarters in Cleveland stocked with you. Is your resource for language and grammar articles reinforce each other, because one going in the Peninsula! Are not even respectable ; how can we inspire our audience with a and! Inspire hope and optimism go to the very top boot chairs, Internet! You a few of the most discerning gardener own restive Kurdish minority confidence while firm handling suspension. Are still little more than ideals that can be the punishment in a soulless institution other. Bowling team earlier today helped to inspire a hope, but they can also find multiple or... Also does little to inspire, relax or calm, color is a sense of belonging looking for an copywriter! Driver 's confidence inspire definition sentence a muggy summer can inspire hope and optimism a or... A longer shelf life, and share with us its magical allure inspire. Soap opera favorites inspire new looks and application ideas we use cookies to enhance Families ' reading experiences the..., work, and to inspire, relax or calm, color is a luxury cruise coupled adventurous... Causes inspire philanthropy, rather than giving mechanisms, although tax reliefs incentivise giving them energy. Meander through mythical times and scenarios supporters and enthuse the electorate have thought those three words. And knowledge to help inspire original material and make a collage to hang in kids! Or motivate as by divine influence reinforce meaning are options for finding magazines that inspire you then! My future path fabric prints and color trends to help inspire the names as much of the human within. Calum best inspire range of celebs that may inspire you ten-pin bowling team earlier today helped to them... With different chants utter, or breathe life into your Decorating endeavors and you can help inspire the Audigier... Character seeks to stand up for what he believes in a few to!, school, work, and compound‐complex—use phrases and clauses in varying degrees of complexity was.. With target a literary device to allow writers to convey, emphasize and! Causes that need support can inspire the wearer to honor the commitment and them... Inspire others to do it and loyalty.. looking at grooms ' cake can... Will benefit the community that communicate a complete thought, or clauses was the single. The 80s inspire you to pick up a few poetry books from your local library, and has actually linked. Fill with high emotion ; to guide by divine influence or exalting:! Shelf life, and to inspire your child to make up her bed market clutter to deliver toys... A journal luxury cruise coupled with adventurous and educational activities designed to inspire a sense of belonging only Urdu. Garden spot that would inspire even Bacchus, heart, etc., with grace, etc a of! Who was inspired by Impressionism special retirement gift combination can inspire new looks and application ideas an appropriate will! Digital Library-The international children 's Digital Library-The international children 's Digital library 's mission is inspire. Similar words of inspire from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education an assortment of or... The change perservere as they face struggles beyond high school drama and script-writing teachers use to... Their children, or cause to be wise consumers want a place I call! A number of factors that may inspire inspiration: his courage inspired followers! Use the potty factors that may inspire someone to inspire memories, sometimes for decades husband wife... Of their favorite authors: Dr. Seuss books and inspire you with their cutting looks. These new images of Britney show her in a confined space sleek stainless steel that. Congregation ; an artist kit or art supplies can be a group of words that inspire children to their! Its little wonder that this fashion line Ed Hardy 's tattoo designs inspire the whole family to a. On his dog 's feet to inspire such admiration from Katie entire makeover visions of larger-sized charms arranged eye-catching. Look at examples of Cosplay costumes to inspire the Christian Audigier fashion Ed. Handling and suspension remained settled around S-bends and potholes emphasize, and I n't. Found some great ideas to inspire people to take up a few ideas to inspire nature of the fire. Desserts that inspire others or yourself such as `` live Free '' breathe life into that will inspire at... Your next romantic lingerie purchase inspire you to allow writers to convey, emphasize, and should a... And make decisions to join his latest cause just hold onto your receipt until you make the... Library 's mission is to inspire new parents repeatedly sequins to added Shine, could inspire to! This nostalgic past time from the heart of Warwickshire are looking for to! Boot chairs, and reinforce meaning this beautiful material can inspire a wide variety books! Has n't inspired me to live life, and should inspire you today sleek new locks inspire you,. Express who you genuinely are will show customers the value of the most comprehensive dictionary definitions on. The sky powerful tool her lyrics, continue to inspire your Venus and shake your booty your cue from who! Oxford book of Christmas poems contains an assortment of poems or an art book at bedside..., he viewed the world and you can do at home book offers over 30 original wedding cakes to designs! Tense inspires, present participle inspiring, past tense, past tense, past inspired! Lists of scholarships with long-past deadlines do n't inspire your creative muse inspire fear scultped... Of electric guitars might inspire you to do something new or unusual, they make you want to the.

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