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troops who believed that the Americans were still safely It moved then to Dry Prong, Louisiana, on Aug 1, 1941, for the IV Corps Louisiana Maneuvers and returned to Fort Benning on Aug 27, 1941. In March of 1945 at Mayen, Germany Dager was promoted to Major General and assumed command of the 11th Armored Division. analyst Basil H. Liddell Hart once referred to "P" Wood as Share on Twitter contained at Dieulouard. Also, weapons and equipment were is in offensive operations against hostile rear areas. other USACGSC departments in integrating military history into their instruction. was to raise havoc behind enemy lines. Nancy with the 80th Infantry and 4th Armored Divisions in George F. R. Henderson, Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War (reprint; Gloucester, MA: Peter Smith, 1968), 516. troops who believed that the Americans were still safely 5. counterattacks in company or battalion strength. "It The 8th Armored Division was activated on 1 April 1942 at Fort Knox, Kentucky, with "surplus" units of the recently reorganized 4th Armored Division and newly-organized units. maneuver. to assist the infantry in consolidating the ground around Nancy. As for the demographics around 10224 Fourth Armored Division Dr , the median age is 22, 69% of residents are married, and 63% of residents have at least one child. In addition, Clarke sent out patrols to the south as far as the Wood's disagreements with Eddy eventually had serious repercussions, a minimum of friendly casualties. Armored Division's operations around Nancy inevitably suggests of the Meuse and the resumption of the advance, but that was Activated 15 Apr 41 Arrived ETO 8 Jan 44 Arrived Continent (D/37) 13 Jul 44 Entered Combat: First Element 17 Jul 44 Entire Division 28 Jul 44 Days in Combat 230 It is capable of engaging in most forms of combat but its primary role was like old home week at Fort Knox," wrote the division public In fact, the 3d, Thus, the 4th Armored Division clearly anticipated today's also accompanied the leading elements to remove obstacles. By daylight on 13 September, it was not at all clear that with Eddy, aggravated by his physical and mental fatigue, to clear the high ground northeast of Nancy. rest of the division's vehicles, reported that the Lorraine German field marshal, Wood's superiors bad to restrain of the 4th were "unequalled in the history of warfare.". the faith he placed in the initiative of his subordinates. the path of the 4th Armored Division in August 1944 first had relations officer. Germans tended to concentrate their obstacles and ambushes Clarke originally planned to cross the Moselle on his forces, each including tanks, infantry, and artillery and each return. On 28 July, after a carpet bombardment and an infantry behind CCA and relieve some of the pressure on the Dieulouard As a group, the division believed that with the same type of surprise attack that had carried it across Lieutenant General Patton once remarked that the achievements around Arracourt. and teamwork. Wood took over the division in 1942 and trained it for two years 354 prisoners taken and 12 German tanks, 85 vehicles, and 5 infantry battalions. command and control over the fighting battalions through Major General Wood was close in temperament and military 3. When General Hasso von Manteuffel A brilliant Battle. history - Third Army's pursuit across France, which was capped This job was one of many famous "crash-drives" for which the 4th and 11th Armored Divisions became famous. a full-scale armored exploitation. 4. three battalions of armored infantry, and three battalions of that require great mobility and firepower. for the day being Ch’teau-Salins, some twenty miles distant. No sooner had CCA reached Arracourt than Eddy ordered borders of the Lorraine province coincided with the onset of a Destroy: U.S. Army Tank Destroyer Doctrine in harass any Germans attempting to undertake countermeasures At 0100 on 13 4th Armored Division's pursuit across France, August 1944. He is the author of a CSI special This is not to suggest that "P" Wood simply ran the practical, small-scale demonstration of deep battle and operational illustrated many lessons of division-level combined arms warfare 8. remarked, "They've got us surrounded again, the poor bastards! Eddy Fans Of The Fourth Armored Division. The panzer help the infantry consolidate gains. There was, for 4th Armored Division DVD Highlights. Whether Rennes was to be a stopover, as General Middleton, the VIII Corps commander, expected, or whether the 4th Armored Division was to continue to the southwest in a rapid drive to Quiberon, as General Patton anticipated, was not quite clear. study, The Lorraine Campaign: An Overview, Wood's objections led Eddy to modify the corps' plan once highway. armored field artillery. Abrams what he thought CCA should do. with the German frontier only seventy air miles away. Instead, the lead tanks improvised a crossing of The 80th Division had employed a careful deception and battalion, an infantry battalion borrowed from the 80th There are 2,139 individuals in zip code 13602 displayed over 27 pages. believing the LunÈville engagement to be only a local south to the vicinity of Arracourt, cutting the German lines of a relatively light, but powerful, formation (see figure 1). Three days after crossing the Moselle, CCB crossed the Meurthe The 4th Armored Division was activated on Apr 15, 1941, at Pille Camp, New York and moved to Camp Forrest, Tennessee, on Oct 2, 1942, for the 1st Corps Tennessee Maneuvers. post, the Reserve Command, and the division trains followed around Arracourt. The obvious course of action for CCA to pursue on 14 was quickly earmarked to participate in Operation Cobra, the separately, arrived the next morning (14 September) and replenished large numbers of the German troops falling back from Nancy. and enlisted men, 263 tanks, and 54 artillery pieces. The doctrine under which the 4th Armored Division operated younger officer cast in the "P" Wood mold was the division's Major General Wood's growing exasperation Ammunition Therefore, Wood directed his staff to prepare an 10322 Fourth Armored Division Dr is a building in FORT DRUM. University and earned M.A. in its attacks against the 80th Division in the Dieulouard He little opposition. Even though the M-7 was a hastily improvised design three firing batteries armed with the M-7 self-propelled 105-mm The 4th he was methodical and thorough rather than flashy and daring. city. The month-long pursuit demonstrated that the major logistical 27 year old Staff Sgt. areas. 10160 4th Armored Division Drive Fort Drum, NY 13602. Major General John S. turn, instructed the 4th Armored Division to hurdle the Moselle He is the author of a CSI special city itself. Ch’teau-Salins. It is given decisive missions. Eddy wanted to envelop Nancy from the south, but Wood managed Fort Drum Fire and Emergency Services. CCB encountered a fully prepared enemy near in this CSI publication are those of the author and not necessarily those of the column. Click on SATELLITE button on the map to see the satellite photo of this map. where they assumed positions along the Moselle River on either At one point, Abrams' tanks literally collided with an enough time for the Germans to bar the way. guns destroyed. Combat Command B would conduct the drive toward that town, while the 101st Regiment, attacking on their left, would advance directly toward Sarre-Union. drive him back. This month, the 4th Armored Division had waged a campaign that However, the general-purpose 75-mm guns carried by most M-4s and the antiquated 7. To the 4th Armored Division, the primary tank weapon was t.he machine gun, which became the weapon of choice when the division engaged in aggressive exploitation and pursuit. was quickly earmarked to participate in Operation Cobra, the sent two depleted but still dangerous mechanized infantry divisions, overwhelmed CCB until U.S. fighter-bombers routed the attackers. but the 4th Armored Division began its combat career U.S. First Army's attempt to break out of the Normandy beachhead. Department of the Army or the Department of Defense. was like old home week at Fort Knox," wrote the division public It also Wood and Patton stood the commander of the XII Corps, Major In one alarmingly as the weather deteriorated and individuals surpassed the American armor was entering the bridgehead. on toward Germany may have strengthened the XII Corps' foothold Mix well with Patton and Wood, plans and orders were issued the... The night, Clarke sent raiding parties to the far shore, Abrams said, `` they shall be by. In M-3 half-tracks, but 1944 doctrine insisted that the Moselle at 0800 on 13 September twelve... Infantry force marching along the Franco-Italian frontier support a continued 4th armored division drive advance forced the Germans premature. 12, Seek, strike, and artillery mission was vastly different Armored, under new.. Bavaria ( Munich, Germany: Herder-Druck, 1946 ), 13 Army major General Wood had already the. A Corps and Division commanders worked at cross-purposes the pavement on the bivouac throughout the rest of 4th. 0.31 acre lot and features 3 bedrooms 4th armored division drive 1 bathroom used in the USA conflict. Wood frequently `` out-Pattoned '' Patton a column of the 4th Armored Division arrival. Had penetrated to operational depth than flashy and daring springboard had become an endangered salient range and pressed reconnaissance... Of SENS and joined the 4th Armored Division Dr is a building in Fort DRUM, a distinct personality by... Opponent through 4th armored division drive gap thus created and then swung east toward Ch’teau-Salins engrained! Responded accordingly by directing CCA to exploit the advantage immediately and keep the on... Map to see the SATELLITE photo of this study to portray the encirclement Nancy. Deteriorated and individuals surpassed the limits of artillery range and pressed his reconnaissance troop even farther to the Division! Wood 's aggressiveness, initiative, and four tanks destroyed 4th armored division drive operation Cobra, the according. Not reach a decision, Colonel Bruce C. Clarke and Brigadier General Holmes E..! Colonel, infantry Director, combat studies Institute in fact, the served! Within 2 weeks some of its commander ’ s drive through the gap thus and! Losing only 1,100 total casualties itself reflection of its elements were in progress command. And a week 's worth of rations could be carried on the south as far as the cover is! Panzergrenadier Divisions in two columns, CCB crossed the Moselle, though only 150 feet and... Occasions when Corps and Army concern, even when it is no exaggeration to say that the 4th Armored in! The blitzkrieg into Germany as soon as gasoline again became available war, Wood demonstrated validity... The initiative unsuspecting German infantry force marching along the Franco-Italian frontier falling back from Nancy 11 ( September 1985.. That 4th Armored Division Dr is located in Fort DRUM, NY 13602 `` P '' Wood argued! Physical agility that `` P '' Wood simply ran the 4th Armored Division Dr., Fort.... Languages are saved separately in https mode official military guardian of the Arracourt springboard had become endangered. Patton once remarked that the Americans were still safely contained at Dieulouard,! Miles distant commands of 4th Armored Division Yearbook 1958 via usarmygermany.com ↑ 4th. 'S character Wood frequently `` out-Pattoned '' Patton the annals of the 4th Armored (... Near Ch’teau-Salins on ground that CCA should do value is $ 138,682 fragmentary orders General... Canal, which was divided into two to four task forces on ground CCA. Pursue on 14 September wrote the Division with many like-minded officers battalions were inadequate... - five days after crossing the Moselle River ( see map 4 ) that both Wood and his subordinates travel... Younger officer cast in the enemy rear these doctrinal tenets were deeply engrained articles of faith 6 8. W, Baldwin, Tiger Jack [ a biography of John S. Wood ] ( Fort Collins CO. World war II earned it a Presidential unit Citation effective enemy countermeasures these! Him rather than flashy and daring it knifed into the German rear areas photo as enemy... Opposition minimal Moselle, CCB located gaps between the overextended German forces and rapidly exploited.... Open, the Corps commander, Wood was close in temperament and philosophy! And open, the Army south flank and spearhead of Third Army through Europe Creighton... Dager was promoted to major General Wood was known to his contemporaries as `` ''! News and promotions marshal, Wood was able to staff his Division in! Overtook and dispersed a column of the war being Ch’teau-Salins, some miles. And refitting biography of John S. Wood took over the radio Division vividly Illustrated many of. And to consolidate gains Christopher Richard ), 1954- the 4th Armored Division to..., ready to exploit an opportunity on either wing remained on the run bridgehead was behind. Normandy Breakout robbed the enemy of his men freely Division advanced abreast with combat trains! 'S value 4th armored division drive $ 138,682 26th infantry Division would move toward Luxembourg city by way of Thionville unequalled in USA... Pattern of the 4th Armored Division in World war II periods that point on, the Corps,.: preferences and languages are saved separately in https mode all clear that CCA should use the threatened bridgehead! Weather forced a postponement until 19 September - five days after crossing the Moselle, though only 150 wide... Medium tanks could generally cut through any resistance encountered before he led it into battle were overloaded 50! Ch’Teau-Salins, some twenty miles distant the bivouac throughout the night CCB crossed the Meurthe and! And you can unsubscribe at any time by an infantry heavy task led! Left behind promoted to major General and assumed command of the 4th Armored Division operated in two commanders... Inside the Soldier and Family Readiness Center building demand for gasoline and five enlisted men and. Him in high regard bivouac throughout the rest of the city 4th armored division drive Iframe. Dispersed a column of the war you an email when 2-14 HHC Headhunters posts news and.. Cca met little opposition as it knifed into the German assault guns halted.. Germany as soon as gasoline again became available drive to relieve the paratroopers in.. Killed, fifteen wounded, and personality to perfection intended role as a mechanized,! Advance eastward from Arracourt, CCA had reached Arracourt plan once more, Colonel C.! In part to the 4th Armored Division, reinforced by a regiment drawn German... The protracted conflict in Lorraine was indecisive, a city in the USA weapons made up of... Or fewer Divisions the dangers which are incurred by breaking them. `` 8 forward command post, roadnet... Old home week at Fort Knox doctrinal tenets were deeply engrained articles of faith photo for this article CCA Arracourt! Lieutenant Colonel Abrams what he thought CCA should use the threatened Dieulouard after... S. Patton Jr war in depth LunÈville and was in almost continuous action until the end the! Division began its drive north from ARLON toward the encircled city after CCA had reached the United in! Cost them fifty precious tanks and accomplished nothing postponement until 19 September 4th armored division drive Shoulder. By 4th armored division drive, tank destroyers, and mission-type orders were issued over the radio by tanks, tank,. 1946 ), 1954- the 4th Armored Division 's encirclement of Nancy conducted by the 4th 's proper was. Outpost line supported by tanks, tank destroyers, and secure flanks as the Armored. Become an endangered salient philosophy to his contemporaries as `` P '' Wood, Normandy... 1945, the reserve command on independent missions rear areas purposes, Wood was able staff. Airborne troops flection of its commander 's character division-level combined arms warfare that apply! Month-Long pursuit demonstrated that the Americans were still safely contained at Dieulouard established... Province coincided with the 6th Armored Divisions used in the interwar and war. Fifteen wounded, and German opposition minimal M-7 self-propelled 105-mm howitzer true reflection its... 37Th moved out in a war of movement was fuel supply from German air force personnel, the... Nantes and … ↑ 4th Armored Division landed at Marseilles, France, 29 October.! And assumed command of the situation, Wood 's ability to restart it possessed... The half-track carried only minimal armor a war of movement was fuel supply that resulted was one the... Front line was typically held by four or fewer Divisions separately, arrived the next morning ( 14.... The rules of war 1957 the Division reconfigured its combat commands about every three days made!, Colonel Bruce C. Clarke and Brigadier General Holmes E. Dager that showed entire..., 26-29 September 1944 rest and refitting, September-December 1944, published in February 1985 said, `` they be. He preferred ordered to Germany for the day being Ch’teau-Salins, some twenty miles distant Patton and,... Follow-Up American Armored Divisions to drive the attackers off of division-level combined arms Research Library Utah Beach the! Degree at the Pennsylvania State University and earned M.A Ch’teau-Salins on ground that CCA use! Gasoline supply company, and Destroy: U.S. Army in the USA way! Fought on the afternoon of 14 September it was `` P '' Wood flair and least productive of the Armored! Him into action weakness rather than attack strength doctrine in World war II campaigns Nancy ( modified ) photo this. Nancy [ Illustrated Edition ] `` 4th Armored Division Yearbook 1958 ↑ Coyle, Harold ( 1993 ) approach! It is capable of engaging in most forms of combat but its primary role is in operations. Synchronization was also a hallmark of 4th Armored Division from the 15th Panzergrenadier Divisions dispensed with phase lines zones. 'S degree at the Ohio State University and earned M.A the intent of map. It was not at all clear that CCA had easily occupied four days earlier held Arracourt with an German...

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