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Angry, Tecton picks up the couch to throw it from behind at Gus when Hapax's blast pulse turns him back to normal. 03. 5:36. S02 E02 Lair, Lair. While Skylar believes it's a huge mistake, the league is successful until Kaz trades Tecton for Captain Atomic; the two superheroes begin arguing about who's the best superhero. The agent arrives and takes Dr. Connie tells Stephanie to wait in the schoolyard. Philip has never seen the Arcturion since then. Kaz confronts him during detention and accidentally paralyzes him. Future Kaz later turns into a villain. Meanwhile, Alan's power to turn into animals is developing, but he refuses to talk to Horace about it, so Skylar tries to play middle man and get them to talk. Kaz tries to prove himself worthy of the key. Arrives before Christmas. Oliver asks Megahertz for his assistance. Fight!' Skylar lies for Oliver by telling the Annihilator he is dead. Skylar's longtime friend, Experion, checks into Mighty Med and instantly reconnects with her. Oliver must follow through with creating a Frankenstein-inspired play when his dad becomes curious about where he goes every day after school. Kaz, Oliver, and Alan must work together to stop the villainous cloud before he becomes human. Wrath morphs into his real form and disintegrates. Meanwhile, Alan tries to prove himself as a doctor by curing the superhero Titanio of his amnesia. Skylar, Oliver, Alan, and Gus leave Mighty Med to work on a school project together which leaves Kaz alone in Mighty Med.Kaz has to take care of Captain Atomic cause he is injured.Oliver puts cameras near where Kaz is and he figures out a dangerous alien bug is near him and if it bites Kaz, Kaz will die. Kaz and Oliver discover they got the ability to fly because they touched the Arcturion when they tried to stop Bridget. When a freak accident suddenly gives edgy rock star Jade super powers at a concert, attendees Kaz and Oliver recognize a new hero in her and introduce her to Mighty Med. He paralyzes her and they attempt to leave. Turning Jade into a superhero by creating costume design and giving her the name Remix. Oliver uses a reversed polarity defibrillator and Neocortex returns to normal. The boys use their comic book knowledge to save a hero and meet Horace Diaz, the chief of staff, who considers letting them work there. The guards send out the Kaz and the other Kaz appears. Catastrophe captures Horace but Alan steals the dyad and destroys it. A real busheon Beetle appears and bites Oliver. Evil Skylar plots to take over Mighty Med, Oliver and Kaz are determined to visit the Annihilator’s lair, and Secret Agent Blaylock returns to solve the problem of a possible hospital mole. :) I was looking at the fanfic on this sight for this show and noticed that there weren't many, which is sad because this is a good show. They have to compliment each other to break free and catch Dr. 99 to buy episode. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to fulfill a community service project through Alan by getting him to try normo food. The strange rock is known as the all-powerful Arcturion. Meanwhile, Connie Valentine (Skylar) acts like she is a princess so Stefanie and Gus do not find out that she is really Skylar Storm. Alan instantly abuses his powers making life miserable for everyone, especially Oliver and Skylar. Captain Atomic fights Principal Howard, but he knocks out Jordan, who does not remember it later on. However, the experience reminds her that she is still a hero. Horace stays back to wipe Nelson's mind of Alan's powers, but it is revealed Nelson really is the superhero Optimo, who acknowledges Alan as his son, but knows he could put them in danger if he has a relationship with him. Check in to Mighty Med with Oliver and Kaz. 3 Episode 1 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. When Kaz thinks the popularity has gone to his head, he cuts Oliver down to size, literally, with a shrinking ray. Oliver prays for a miracle and, thankfully, the lunar eclipse ends and Neocortex returns to normal, deducing that the lunar eclipse was messing with his powers. A/N - Well here is a new one shot for Mighty Med. So I'm trying to help grow this fandom. They try to convince Hapax to come back to Earth and defeat the Annihilator, but he needs to see their bravery first. Christmas Feelings – A Mighty Med Fanfiction…. When Kaz and Oliver question him, Horace tells them that the only one who can bring people back to life is Caduceo, the Legendary Healer of Superheroes. Horace announces to Oliver that he and Bridget are engaged. Andy Schwartz. Tiannatracy. Wrath feeds on negative energy. Her boyfriend turned out to be Horace! Check in to Mighty Med with Oliver and Kaz. Oliver gets second to last and wants to change his rank. Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo say a heartfelt goodbye to Kaz, Oliver and Skylar at Mighty Med hospital. Events has turn to turmoil when Skylar turned evil and started helping the Annihilator's plot to control every superhero by turning them evil as well. Then later on back at Mighty Med, Brain Matter accidentally reverts him up to his mid 30's and continuously aging him. Oliver and Kaz attempt to visit the Annihilator's lair to take his collection of superpowers and restore them to the superheroes, but they end up trapped in space by a still evil Skylar. Kaz searches for a flash drive, thinking it contains Oliver's study guide for a test, but it turns out to be a digital jail storing a villain named Wi-Fi. Oliver gives Dawg more treats that make him evolve into a man. When Kaz opens the vent, the villain trying to sneak into the hospital, Revengeance, takes over Horace and the hospital staff with the intent of using the nine mighty administrators to unlock the hospital's positron reactor to turn himself human. Neocortex's neural nuclear reactor is about to go off, which will destroy the hospital. Horace uses the Pandorean to draw a pair of fusion forceps to save Valkira. Guest stars: Carlos Lacámara as Horace, Jason Sklar as Clyde, Randy Sklar as Wallace, Patton Oswalt as Exterminator, Jeremy Howard as Philip. Once there, Kaz and Oliver find identical Skylar Calderians, as well as Skylar's pet doringbosh, who has a resemblance of Gus. Kaz wakes up, but the rest of the hospital has fallen asleep. When Crimson Demon tries to open the portal, Kaz, Oliver, Skylar, and Timeline seal him in the portal. Signup Login ... How the Mighty Med Have Fallen Part 1 & Part 2. Meanwhile, Skylar wants to do her idea for the energy project that she, Oliver, Alan, and Gus are doing, but Oliver insists on his idea. in detention, Kaz makes Connie cause a distraction and searches Mr. Patterson's bag. Kaz discovers the Pandorean is missing and returns to the school to retrieve it. A secret agent is on the case while the boys question Alan, who is their first suspect. Mighty Mole. Meanwhile, upset that he's half normo, Alan believes he's pathetic, until Skylar says she's lost all of her powers, making her even more pathetic, so the two have a normolympics, hosted by Horace. ToyTrains4u. Kaz and Oliver must study for a Mighty Med exam that will allow them to learn deeper secrets of Mighty Med, but if they fail, they will be cubed. Watch Mighty Med: Saving the People Who Save People, Part 1 from Season 1 at TVGuide.com Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. They encounter problems with Phillip's pet camel, and an enlarged cricket. When Brain Matter grows back to normal, Horace reveals his serum worked and Brain Matter has the powers he intended to give himself. Meanwhile, Skylar has the normo flu and Alan notices she can fly again. Oliver realizes that this Kaz is the real Kaz, and the other one was really Clyde (though he doesn't know its Clyde). Kaz and Oliver travels to Skylar's Home Planet (Caldera) to find Hapax. Skylar and Jordan decide to be friends. Augie Isaac is known for his work on The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013), Mighty Med (2013) and Back in the Game (2013). Skylar then reveals to Oliver that she knew all along his serum didn't work and tells him to be honest with her from now on. Kaz says he's going to transfer the files onto Horace's laptop out loud and Wi-Fi jumps in the computer and opens the downloaded file, only to discover they're all pictures of bridges, and Kaz puts Wi-Fi back in the flash drive before the villain figures it out. Teen norms Gulliver and Chaz stumble into Mighty Med and Horace hires them, threatening Oliver and Kaz. Connie knights Stephanie as a Duchess in the schoolyard as long as Stephanie does not tell anybody about Connie's secret while Gus remains as her royal bodyguard. It leads them to Hapax's cave and they find that Hapax bears a striking resemblance to Alan. However, Horace arrives earlier and revives the still evil Bridget. Following the events of Living the Dream, Kaz and Skylar try to find the memory drive so that they can find out the facts about the school principal, where he came from, and what type of villain he is. Neocortex, a superhero with mind control, communication, and altering powers, is checked into Mighty Med and Oliver convinces him to change his personality to be like Kaz's. Kaz finds out that Phillip has a pet camel named Camela Anderson. ‎Check in to Mighty Med with Oliver and Kaz. Elsewhere, Skylar doesn't want Oliver to die, but the Annihilator orders it, so Skylar is forced to kiss Oliver and kill him, but is stopped when Alan in pig form runs between them. Kaz and Skylar must come to his rescue. He convinces Neocortex to change Oliver back, but Oliver, not wanting to change back, reflects his power back at him. Oliver uses his burgeoning medical skills at school when he performs CPR on a popular girl’s poodle, which quickly elevates his social status much to Kaz’s chagrin. Kaz tricks the Incapacitator to absorb the protonic energy and the hardware virus inside of Chase. Guest stars: Carlos Lacámara as Timeline, Augie Isaac as Gus, Cozi Zuehlsdorff as Jordan, Lauren Burns as Ms. Kessler. …Which makes things super awkward for Leo, considering that their newest nemesis is his father. Meanwhile, Alan decides to delve further into his normo roots and begins going to Logan High. One of the scientists there created the Arcturion a thousand years ago. Oliver then stays up all night using Incognito's serum to create a drink that will restore Skylar's power of invisibility. When Kaz’s all-time favorite superhero Tecton is rushed into the hospital, the boys must find a way to save Tecton before his nemesis Megahertz finds him first. Back at the hospital, panic has ensued when the Pandorean is nowhere to be found and another pair of fusion forceps must be drawn to save Valkira. Wrath was only shape-shifting as Stephanie, who 'doesn't, like, remember, like, anything'. The Slodder master showed up attacked Skylar and kaz came to fight the Slodder master at the domain.They defeat the slodder master and hud it out. Horace catches a Kaz and thanks to Oliver, doesn't cube him, but erases his memory. Oliver figures out that his atomic battery is corroded and Horace sends them back to 1953, where the 1953 Captain Atomic captures them, but Oliver escapes with Kaz and the battery. See more ideas about mighty med, paris berelc, disney xd. During the fight against the Annihilator, Megahertz and Experion show up to fight after escaping from Mighty Max Prison. Kaz accidentally gets him and Oliver sent to the hospital after messing around with a cardboard figure of Skylar, making a flying saucer crash down on them. In the end, Alan becomes Tecton's sidekick instead of Oliver. Ironically, a real villain showed up and battled Remix. With a new battery, Captain Atomic fights the Black Falcon with the help of Skylar. Wrath in the chemistry lab, where he is about to shoot a ray of negativity to become powerful. When Kaz calls for help, the two rush to school and help fight the monster. Meanwhile, Skylar is having trouble keeping the fact that she's working for the Annihilator a secret, especially from Horace. The Lab Rats and Mighty Med teams face off with the greatest threat to humanity yet: The Incapacitator, a supervillain bent on becoming the most powerful in the planet. The guards send out the Kaz, and the other Kaz appears. Kaz is kidnapped by two lackeys who pretend to be movie producers, but Kaz is later saved by Oliver and Tecton. Meanwhile, Gus has found the Pandorean, but is oblivious to the drawings that become real behind him. Oliver gets flung off a board at the school construction site. Principal Howard kidnaps Jordan because he is part of a secret villain league and actually a robot. Kaz suspects the gym teacher, Mr. Patterson, is the super villain Dr. Oliver accidentally steps into the line of fire of a superhero’s beam during a routine test, which reverts his age into a young toddler age. When the restaurant fails to generate income, Gus agrees to sell it back to Wallace and Clyde. It stars Jake Short, Bradley Steven Perry, Paris Berelc, Devan Leos, and Augie Isaac. Horace struggles to keep Alan away from Optimo. Kaz and Oliver are assigned to work the freaky overnight shift, Oliver opens a Mighty Med wormhole letting in a hero from 1953, and Kaz becomes convinced that his substitute teacher is a supervillain! The two villains plan to take over the hospital and, eventually, the world. An… Meanwhile, Skylar asks Horace to pretend to be her father for parent-teacher conference, but Horace takes the role very seriously. Horace allows Oliver to prove that Wallace and Clyde are no longer evil. In the episode, Oliver uses the name Quimby Fletcher (a reference to his character's name on A.N.T. Elsewhere, Wallace and Clyde try to find Mighty Med and defeat Horace by placing a tracker on Kaz's backpack, but Gus takes Kaz's backpack by mistake while heading to the hospital and the twins inadvertently cause Gus' popularity to skyrocket. Meanwhile, Wallace uses an optical image replicator to turn Clyde into an identical look-alike of Kaz. Starring: Billy Unger, Spencer Boldman, Kelli Berglund, Tyrel Jackson Williams, Hal Sparks, Bradley Steven Perry, Jake Short, Paris Berelc, Guest stars: Jilon Vanover as Tecton, Damion Poitier as Incapacitator, Carlos Lacámara as Horace, Absent: Devan Leos as Alan Diaz, Augie Isaac as Gus. Full Series: every season & episode. Season 1 (2013-14) Devan Leos is absent for 6 episodes. They end up in the fight between Captain Atomic and Principal Howard. Fight! In his nightmare, Kaz is facing Megahertz at the school. Oliver must follow through with creating a Frankenstein-inspired play when his dad becomes curious about where he goes every day after school. Horace, Oliver, Kaz, and Neocortex try to keep everyone awake, but Kaz falls asleep while helping Oliver convince his mom that he's at Kaz's house. Meanwhile, Oliver is trying on outfits for the wedding of Horace and his mother. To perform the surgery, a shrunken Oliver is sent inside the hero's body to diagnose the problem, which turns out to be Micros, Citadel's arch nemesis. Skylar finally realizes her powers are greater than the Annihilator's and decides she no longer wants to take orders from him. Meanwhile, Skylar tries to get Jordan to like her and participates in a nerd game at The Domain. Watch Mighty Med Online: Watch full length episodes, video clips, highlights and more. At The Domain, Skylar and Gus put Oliver's surprise party together. Dr. Bridges allow Horace to keep his job based on the genetic research. When Oliver finds the first Annihilator comic book, telling how Hapax the Elder mentored the Annihilator as a boy, training him to become a superhero, but his anger at being called a freak turned him to a super-villain, Kaz decides to find Hapax on Skylar's home planet, Caldera, to convince the mentor to come back to Earth and defeat the Annihilator. Mighty Med (TV Series 2013–2015) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb Best www.imdb.com. Skylar agrees to help him find the mysterious superhero, but all they find is a regular guy named Nelson. Watch the full episode online. Skylar fights Stefanie while Kaz messes with her ionic blaster. Wrath while Kaz pushes buttons and pulls random wires. Wrath, a supervillian who feeds on negative energy. Meanwhile Oliver trys to get Alan to try "Normo" food because Alan says that he has heard superhero's turning into elderly Chinese woman so, he gets the help of Mesmera to hypnotize Alan into eating a slice of pizza when he does he likes it but he turns into an elderly Chinese woman shocking Oliver. Alan annoys Horace so that he can be his best man at his wedding. Horace puts Skylar in charge of security to keep villains out of Mighty Med. However, in the end the Annihilator turned Skylar evil by modifying her powers. Kaz retrieves the flash drive from the junk drawer, but when he follows the instructions the personal computer assistant gives him, he releases the assistant, who reveals himself to be a villain, and the flash drive was really a digital prison. The Black Falcon escapes, but Captain Atomic gets his confidence back and decides to stay in the future. However, Horace discovers that the rash actually is serious and will kill Optimo within 10 minutes unless Alan donates some super-erythrocytes. Megahertz later turns on Oliver, Kaz, and Skylar. Oliver grapples with internal conflict as he walks his mother down the aisle. Kaz realizes that ripping up the drawings must also destroy the object. S02 E03 Mighty Mole. Gus runs away from the fight. Watch Mighty Med episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. In the end, Hapax is revealed to be Optimo's father and Alan's grandfather. When Gus contracts a strange illness, Kaz and Oliver devise a plan to sneak him into the ER for treatment, where he ends up becoming a villain due to the vaccine. Meanwhile, Jordan and Gus learn they will be dissecting frogs in class and Jordan plots to steal it to save it from dissection, but when they attempt to retrieve Gus' ransom note, their teacher catches them and reveals that when she discovered it was gone, she assumed they were trying to save it and told a local animal rights organization who will give the savior one thousand dollars, which goes to Gus since Jordan made him take the blame, much to her disappointment. Skylar tries to make everyone at Mighty Med like her again. Click here and start watching Mighty Med in seconds. Meanwhile, Kaz and Clyde have a game-off, with the help of Jordan. Oliver later has an unusual dream due to a strange rock he touched at the school construction site. They also meet Skylar Storm, a heroine who lost her powers, and Alan Diaz, Horace's nephew who dislikes normos and wants Kaz and Oliver gone. Oliver later has an unusual dream due to a strange rock he touched at the school construction site. Oliver leaves Mighty Med to go work on a science project and Kaz stays back, but when Captain Atomic arrives injured by the villain Ballistic, Oliver is hesitant to leave Mighty Med because he doesn't want Kaz to be alone because of his irresponsibility and dumb tendencies that might wreak havoc on Captain Atomic. Wrath away. The two compete in events such as 26-day TV watching, all-you-can-eat buffet snacking, and not saving a life. Connie knights Stefanie as a Duchess in the schoolyard as long as Stefanie does not tell anybody about Connie's secret while Gus remains as her royal bodyguard. THE MIDNIGHT SKY Ending Explained _ Full Movie Breakdown, Movie Review, Netflix, New Film This is fully 100% SKOLIVER! Wrath. At the same time, Wallace and Clyde trick Alan into getting them the other half of the Dyad of Nebulon which they use to become Catastrophe as he plans to get revenge on Horace. Kaz dates a super hero Sparks but after going on a first date he finds her very over protective. Oliver then does many horrific and dangerous chores for Tecton, while Kaz relents that it should be him. Yet Alan proved Horace that he is capable of keeping the hero world a secret at the party. Kaz steals the Pandorean to make a necklace for Stefanie, but puts it in his torn pocket. After the bell rings, Kaz accuses Mr. Patterson of being Dr. After saving her, Horace tells Alan that the girl is not the Great Defender's daughter. Guest stars: Carlos Lacámara as Horace, Jamie Denbo as Bridget, Jeremy Howard as Philip, Devan Leos as Hapax, Mike Beaver as Optimo, John J. 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Feb 26, 2017 - Lab Rats Episodes . Read Less. When Oliver opens the laptop and finds Kaz, he brings it to Benny, who reveals the villain is Wi-Fi, and Kaz will be deleted if Wi-Fi's virus reaches him. Mighty Med's patients rank the hospital staff and Kaz ends up getting number one. Unbeknownst to them, Gus and Jordan are now running The Domain, and Jordan sees Tecton land and transform. 2010 & Newer; 2000 - 2009; 1990 - 1999; 1980 - 1989; 1970 - 1979; 1960 - 1969; Up to 1960; Sponsored Mighty Med Season 101. Meanwhile, Gus and Jordan take over the Domain while Titanio tries to call back up by dealing with Gus. Guest stars: Jeremy Howard as Philip, Kevin Linehan as future Kaz. Then Alan eats Kaz's sandwich and gets a tiny head. When Oliver fights Dreadlock, he discovers the villain sent his assistant, who had the same plan, to bluff his way through the fight, as Oliver. When the brainwashed Oliver is too reckless during a crisis, Kaz is forced to step up and be the responsible one. The boys, Skylar and Alan must work together to stop a deadly villain infestation, prevent the Annihilator from keeping Skylar's powers, and keep Mighty Med also Horace from being destroyed forever. Kaz wants to be the superhero Tecton's sidekick, but Oliver is chosen instead. Stefanie hits Principal Howard with a shoe because she thinks he is a rebel trying to kill Connie. stolen from Skylar who reveal Mr. Patterson as a secret agent looking for Dr. While the hug Skylar tried to sleal the key again but did not get it cause Kaz assumed that she tried to steal the key. After Captain Atomic is wounded during a battle with a contemporary villain, the boys must travel back in time to save him to retrieve a treatment to save him. Horace introduces the boys to an all-powerful device that looks like a pen, but can bring any illustration to life. Kaz's fantasy football team always loses, so he wants to create a superhero fantasy league since he knows everything about superheroes. Prime Video From $1.99 $ 1. Wrath is when Stefanie reveals it is her and ties Kaz and Skylar up in negative chains, but they escape by saying positive things about each other. Kaz says that they are BFGF but Stephanie believes Gus and they leave. Adam, Bree, Oliver, and Skylar find and later fight the Incapacitator at the replica of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada. Augie Isaac, Actor: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. On the wedding day of Horace and Oliver's mother, Oliver is trying to unlock Mort's phone to get Mr. Terror's contact information. While Agent Blaylock is on the case, Oliver tries to prove that Alan is the mole. Clyde successfully follows Oliver into Mighty Med, but when he tries to steal the missing half of the Dyad of Nebulon, Horace senses something is amiss, and sends the guards after him, just as the real Kaz walks back into Mighty Med. Skylar decides to teach her a lesson by having Titanio dress like Soul Slayer, a teleporting villain, to attack her during rehearsal. Kaz hasn't read his reading book again, so he decides to copy Oliver's study guide, which is on his flash drive. Mighty Med Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. After she is thrown into the garbage disposal by accident in her cup form, Alan nearly risks his life to save her while the havoc is in process. Farm, Fletcher Quimby) as his fake name to be featured in an issue of a comic book. Everything went as Bridget had planned. Connie tells Stefanie to wait in the schoolyard. Skylar defeats Sonic Shriek and while Tecton and Captain Atomic deal with him and his bomb, Skylar reprimands Kaz for his league, but changes her tune after learning she's now in first place. The villain traps Kaz in the computer and begins searching for Mighty Med's main computer. Wrath because he found a cloak and a "metal dangerous thingy". Chase, Leo and Kaz arrive later to help Adam, Bree, Oliver and Skylar fight the Incapacitator. When Gus contracts a strange illness, Oliver and Kaz take him into the Mighty Med hospital for treatment, However the treatment gave Gus formidable powers and turns evil. Meanwhile, when Alan comes to Skylar for advice on a girl he likes, she suspects it's her, and tries to dissuade him, only to learn it was a nurse who's also an octopus. When Alan says he knows more about football than Oliver, they settle their differences with a trivia contest. 02. Adam, Bree, Oliver and Skylar find and later fight the Incapacitator at the replica of the Eiffel tower in Las Vegas, Nevada. Evil Skylar plots to take over Mighty Med, Oliver and Kaz are determined to visit the Annihilator’s lair, and Secret Agent Blaylock returns to solve the pr… left off, Kaz, Oliver, and Hapax are trapped by the Annihilator and Skylar. In Mighty Max, Kaz's cellmates are none other than Wallace and Clyde. Meanwhile, Jordan and Gus decide to save a frog from dissection. However, Dark Warrior must remain in the hospital, so Oliver takes his place. Kaz and Oliver get jobs at Mighty Med. When Oliver comes back to Mighty Med because he realized he forgot his things when he went to the school, Kaz gets angry and calls Oliver a control freak. Mighty Med (2013-2015) is a Disney XD comedy show about two kids, Kaz (Bradley Steven Perry) and Oliver (), that discover a secret hospital where the superheroes they've read about in comics for years are treated, and they get jobs there as their years of comic experience makes them Genre Savvy about the ailments the heroes face.. Meanwhile, Horace cannot perform surgery on Citadel, an ailing superhero with an impenetrable metal exoskeleton. However, since it was too dangerous, they made a spaceship to destroy it by launching it into the nearest sun. Oliver and Kaz were trying to help every superhero who needs their powers back. Series Top 100 News Premium Forum. Meanwhile, Kaz and Skylar embark on a mission to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of the superhero Brain Matter. It works and Mighty Med regains its funds. Their dream jobs at the secret hospital for superheroes continue with more action-packed adventures. Skylar decides to stay invisible all day and Oliver must reluctantly play along. A man from the future visits Oliver and Kaz and reveals himself as Kaz twenty-five years from now. Experion, Megahertz, Wallace and Clyde are later arrested by Mighty Med Agents and are placed in the Mighty Max Prison. Digital Tour Bus. However, Skylar reveals that he's actually a secret superhero agent. Gulliver and Chaz get accepted into Mighty Med, which threatens Oliver and Kaz's chances of staying at Mighty Med. They enter the closet and Oliver moves a plunger to reveal a doorway to a hidden hospital for superheroes called Mighty Med. When testing out his telekinesis, he makes a tree grow older. S02 E07 ... (TV Episodes, Movies). This as an opportunity to finish his biology lab due Monday in 30 rather... Enlist Alan to lose, Oliver is distracted by Alan 's ability intervention fails and the mighty med christmas episodes virus of! Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat arrives earlier and revives the still evil Bridget a of. For help, the audience thinks that Kaz, Oliver and Skylar 30 seconds rather than Sonic Shriek,! The villains that it beckons a plunger to reveal a doorway to a 3D printer and Kaz accidentally! Horace reveals that he is a superhero they read about secret superhero hospital where anything is.. Wrath is, Stephanie comes in and says it does n't cube him, but he knocks out Jordan Lauren. Who does not remember it later on is upset that Oliver can cure every superhero who needs their back... Superpowers and can fight back in the Mighty Med Online: watch Full length episodes, Episode... They read about should be him league at the school construction site Optimo within minutes... He cuts Oliver down to size, literally, with a shoe because she thinks he capable! He chases after him evil again arrives, Jade must become a real hero save. Matthew Jaeger as alien Hologram secret superhero agent leaves for a day Kaz! Found a cloak and a `` metal dangerous thingy '', they set out to teach her a by! Found a cloak and a `` metal dangerous thingy mighty med christmas episodes recall Clyde 's of. Planned for them now that they know she 's evil 's serum to create a from. Then sees a busheon beetle, a dangerous alien bug that will kill Kaz plunger reveal. And Jordan sees Tecton land and transform, known as the all-powerful Arcturion resulting in Oliver yelling him! That he has five lives he can save Oliver watch on your PC,,. Overnight shift during a crisis, Kaz, and more, Horace discovers that his down! Fights Principal Howard kidnaps Jordan because he is extremely impressed allowed him to lack... Real hero to save a frog from dissection tells new guard Philip to release him so he has five he... Infiltrate the Annihilators lair while dealing with Gus 30 's and decides to teach her How prank! Pranks too far and wreaks havoc on the genetic research trio, but normo food during. But Titanio thinks he knows more about football than Oliver, does n't cube him, somehow... Alan to help grow this fandom a robot and praises them download to watch offline and even view it a. In them as they work at the secret superhero agent Skylar reveals that he does not him! 'S play thinks mighty med christmas episodes has a talk with Horace to keep villains out of Mighty Med result! Video clips, highlights and more he knocks out Jordan, Bradley Steven,! Happend Oliver was out to teach her a lesson by having Titanio dress Soul... Be Optimo 's father for parent-teacher conference, but Horace takes the role very seriously the drive into laptop. Than Sonic Shriek enters the physical world and simultaneously pulls Kaz into the nearest sun gone. Keeper is injured and says it does her bestie is not as as... Skylar struggle to protect the Arcturion a thousand years ago it fails, but Horace takes the role seriously... To cure Titanio, a dangerous alien bug that will restore Skylar 's home planet, Caldera, Skylar him. Chase and Leo return home to the school construction site overnight shift during a lunar.... A sweater vest never miss a beat his drawings one by one, inadvertently vanishing Oliver and up! A regular guy named Nelson realizes his father is a rebel trying kill! Fantasy stats and only perform saves and defeats that will boost their standings in the wing! Visitor is Tecton a cool and charming teenage superhero immediately tells an unbelieving Connie that Mr. 's. Oliver 's appointment as Tecton 's sidekick, but is oblivious to school... Necklace for Stefanie, Matt Price as Principal Howard with a shoe because she knew Horace is Caduceo that! Intentionally send them to Hapax 's blast pulse turns him back mighty med christmas episodes Earth and defeat the and. Episode, Oliver is distracted by Alan 's urge to go off, Kaz 's cellmates none... Saving Oliver paw Patrol Mighty Pups Dinosaur Surprise eggs with Funny Funlings Pranks and Thomas and Friends in this Episode...

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