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I can point to 7 studies that fully complied with the OECD-453 (Combined Carcinogenicity and Chronic Toxicity) protocols (For review see Griem et al., 2015; Monsanto 1990, Cheminova 1993, Feinchemie Schwebda 1996, Arysta LS 1997, Syngenta 2001, Nufarm 2009). Yes, wearing the mask is a socially responsible thing to do because it will MINIMIZE transmission and is something we can all do. Even though the anti-biotech groups have had decades to perform a compliant study, we see nothing of the sort. I have no faith in our products any longer. In reference to your article concerning glyphosate causing cancer, after I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma about 2 years ago I began researching the causes of multiple myeloma. When green liberals fail to use facts to drive their agenda, it undermines our ability to actually do anything constructive, and we and our (unfounded) opinions become worse than the RU itself. Quite literally, everything can cause harm under the right conditions, and this is why we do not assess the acute and chronic toxicity to determine if something is safe; we assess it to show when something causes harm. This isn’t a joke, and simply reading over the materials and methods shows this. One Roundup product marketed in Europe is vinegar with no glyphosate, and some products contain both glyphosate and another herbicide. The current gold standards for this are the OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals (Section 400), and to date glyphosate has been assessed many, many times. Spray this in your face. After publication she was harassed and vilified by activists. Glyphosate is an aminophosphonic analogue of the natural amino acid glycine and, like all amino acids, exists in different ionic states depending on pH.Both the phosphonic acid and carboxylic acid moieties can be ionised and the amine group can be protonated and the substance exists as a series of zwitterions.Glyphosate is soluble in water to 12 g/l at room temperature. I have begun to select information sources that do this, because, as civilized humans, we ought to leave that behaviour in the school yard. The WORLD wide struggle should be your clue. And what are those numerical risk estimates? I have been told by nursery people that it’s so safe you could drink it. I did read some articles in the media at some stage that claimed that Roundup (= Glyphosate + Surfactant) was more of a health concern than Glyphosate alone. I only have 10-years of gardening experience but like so many people of my generation, I also have an increased sensitivity to certain chemicals and certain surfactants. …Did you actualy read the Wang et al In general (without specific reference to Roundup), I found the odds of a person getting multiple myeloma range from 1/132 to 1/161. So many people here say “I don’t need science to tell me that…xyz is bad.” Science is how we got to our ultra-comfortable lifestyle…science is how we got out long life. Court vs Science. Answer why their factory employees must wear PPE equipment but it doesn’t say to on the bottles? You do not know who is carrying it. What a wonderful time to tell those who are unaware of this ingredient. People the think Monsanto is the villain really don’t understand farming. Hi David, I really do get a good laugh at snow flakes “I will be unsubscribing”. You left out the data that farmers suffer elevated rates of non hodgkins lymphoma. Our scientific instruments are so good these days that we can find just about any chemical in water and milk. KILLS EVERYTHING,just like I wanted. Thank you so much Mr. Pavlis! These were conducted by industry, academic, and government groups in the US, UK, Italy, Poland, India, and Japan. Great article. They have no evidence of the untruths they believe in and have no intension of facing reality. Care 5o guess how many studies that meet the standards in toxicology to test for causal effects have shown harm below this point, let alone the ADI, which is 1mg/kg/day in the US and Canada? The one that youted the 41% increase in NHL that made waves among the anti-biotech community, but when it hit the scientific community, barely made a ripple. Potting Up – Which Pot Size is Correct for Potting On? Over the last 45 years there have been thousands of studies by labs all around the world. Many of these claims have been made by Samsel and Seneff. Go and look at the sterile “countryside” outside your garden. Glyphosate targets a broad range of weeds and is important in the production of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and glyphosate-resistant field crops such as corn and soybean. To suggest that the science is clear on this matter is negligent, and makes your piece come across as propaganda rather than “busing myths”. We always use 5oz per 2 gallon with 4oz ammoniumm sulphate (21-0-0). Robert you have either been bought or are brainwashed or both. Should You Compost Dog Waste or Cat Waste? What is Glyphosate? Roundup (a trade name used by Monsanto) and other herbicides based on glyphosate (its generic name) are some of the most commonly applied weed killers in use today in the U.S. Chickweed, yellow wood sorrel, and purslane also plants that are edible...and considered common lawn weeds. Look that one up once. In the face of lack of science literacy, we are left with lore and the stories we tell ourselves to try to make sense of the universe, to look for culprits to blame when things don’t go right for us. I am having a difficult time finding these facts you speak of regarding Cuba’s use of pesticides. Thanks Robert. It may also result in Glyphosate being better absorbed by us. With out chemicals the number of farmers that are out there making food. Cause chemicals are a product that is made to destroy for whatever reason it’s made and if breath in or gotten on the skin only those who experience the use of these chemicals knows how dangerous it is to themselves after they get sick! Is Compostable Plastic Really Compostable? Alas this doesn’t happen because hubris also sets in. I believe there are a few stories and obituaries as well. 3) I make no money on writing these posts, except that you might buy one of my books. Dr. Seneff is a computer programmer with no experience in chemistry, plant science or health science. The choice should always be according to the person, and it seems wrong that others would suffer from those choices. But PPE or not, on an industrial level it makes no sense that everyone has to switch to a GMO soy because some farmers want Roundup ready soy. If you hate Monsanto – that is fine. We’ve been using soap for millennia because it performs this very task, and you’d get the same results if you swapped out RoundUp with Dawn dish soap. You can’t blame that on Roundup. Just the track record of Monsanto makes me hate them for their crimes against humanity. The farmers need to use roundup to make a living. Glyphosate vs RoundUp. There’s a depressing amount of willful ignorance and scientific illiteracy in this comment thread…. Your statement is completely false – You simply can’t get poisoned this way. IMHO, social distancing should include social media distancing. This is the reason it is not toxic to animals. Now my question is what should the correct dilution ratio be- I used it last weekend *Don't remember dilution in my sprayer, think it was 2 oz-- but went by directions on bottle- and they weeds are laughing at me!! Glyphosate is safe at levels used and at residual levels. Glyphosate vs Roundup. My goal in this post is not to do my usual deep dive into Roundup, but instead I want to give give readers a summary overview of the facts along with references containing more details. Right. What company would want to hide toxicity which would surely result in lawsuits, bad publicity, and tossing out all of their investment? This has been studied thousands of times and there is no such evidence. Whirlpool Enthusiast reference: The degree of filtration will be determined by: the material your mask is made of, how clean you keep it, how well it fits your face, how well you avoid touching its outer surface (where “germs” will accumulate), and how much you are exposed to other people. The European Union prohibits the use of herbicides containing glyphosate on the grounds that it is an environmental hazard. and think that is the whole truth. The emails make no indication that any of the toxicity or carcinogenicity testing to date is in error, or has been manipulated. I suppose the 20 + global organizations that agree with my analysis have also been bought and brainwashed? This gives enough pause that even scientists should ask themselves “do I really know enough about these things beyond a shadow of doubt?”. They do nothing but propose hypotheses and then never test them experimentally to see if they can be validated. There just so many different views. This problem goes so much deeper than just Glyophosphate! As Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist Richard Feynman famously said, “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If you had experienced chemical sensitivities yourself then I suspect you would take a more cautious view also. The study did not reach any conclusions about glyphosates effect on our health, even though the news reported it with sensational headlines. Roundup has been paying for fake research for decades, if it’s so safe take drink. Two days later, those weeds are dead. Who paid you to write this? I was trained to use protective gear, and taught the proper use of chemical application. Don’t let the dummies get you down. Monsanto is funding scientists but we need the truth. Generally, I have been cautious about exposure to the herbicide. So how do you feel about Roundup ready soy? I have learned that unless you have the cash to lay out for a commercial type riding lawn mower (weed eaters more so) you will end up with a $1500 piece of crap and that no amount of maintenence will stop the constant aggravation and cost of keeping a mower deck operating ( somebody has to make those yacht payments ) But it's no longer me. Products like Roundup WeatherMax, Touchdown Total, Glyphomax XRT and several others have built-in … Over 750 products contain glyphosate. 21 Common Indoor Plant Myths – That Save You Time and Money. I find it so frustrating when people hear only a headline (usually a false one!) The general public is more convinced than ever that glyphosate (Roundup) causes cancer because of the recent court cases. Thanks for noticing the math error. Everyone who has ever used them would say no. Roundup is a brand-name herbicide that contains the active ingredient glyphosate. Depending on the succession of plants you want to grow, it is counterproductive to allow them to die off. I appreciate the topic and the comments. It kills weeds by blocking essential amino acids necessary for the photosynthesis process. It kills your gut biome. Conversations that go something like this, “Roundup is toxic because I hate Monsanto” are illogical. Unfortunately, Monsanto (now Bayer) has decided that since this brand name is so well known, they could use it to promote other products, some of which don’t even contain glyphosate. In fact, when Europe banned the use of Roundup, many farmers returned to more toxic products, and people were fine with it, because they don’t understand. Thanks for article, especially knowing some of the responses it would generate. Yum. I do want to make one addition. Nobody is spraying Roundup on wild fields – it costs money. You Are Eating Poisonous Fruits & Vegetables Even If They’re Organic! This is something the general population does not understand. Some studies have looked at bee behavior after exposure to glyphosate, and have reported some learning disabilities in bees. How likely is that? Or maybe, I’ve looked at the scientific evidence, and came to a scientific conclusion, based on the facts available. By smashing all these together, they caused for there to be variability in the data sets. A study sprayed honeybees with a normal concentration of glyphosate and found no harm to the bees. But the plan truth is. Just be sure you are getting a product with at least 41% glyphosate when shopping for a weed killer deal. Could not grow enough to feed the world. Reality casts a very different light on this topic, and you might want to actually learn about how things work in toxicology, because you clearly have no clue, and an axe to grind in relation to Monsanto. In every case, they do not show any significant increase in negative health effects until the dose was far, far above the current limit…which makes sense as we used these studies to determine that limit in the first place. I think what you are doing to explore garden myths is amicable. Well water (and some city water) that has a fairly high mineral content should be conditioned with AMS BEFORE adding the Glycophos. This doesn’t mean that the is no data relating to its toxicity, as there have been multiple studies that fully complied with the OECD-Section 400 methods, with an overall LOAEL (Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Limit) of 175mg/kg/day (for review wee Griem et al. (2) I personally will not touch the stuff nor advocate its use, (a) out of an abundance of caution, (b) because I don’t want to pay for it; there are other methods available to the home gardener, and (c) because no study to my knowledge has looked at the effects of multiple agents when combined, even in the recommended dosages – for example, all of the additives in food may be safe at the levels prescribed individually, but what happens when they are mixed over time? In the last two years Bayer is getting their butts handed to them. Monsanto, an American agricultural chemical company, first sold the herbicide commercially in 1974. Unfortunately your article did not address the effects of Round Up on DNA. And I am not saying you are. ( Even worse than DDT and you should know how that played out. Refreshing to hear a reasoanable, educated voice amidst the noise. So the study was not compliant with the new standards. Hello Robert. And it’s safe to drink. if you are looking for a complete burndown, you may want to mix roundup or generic glyphosate, use the 41 % concentrate with amine 2-4d weed killer. And still die of beaver fever. I have only one very minor editorial comment. Roundup PowerMax has 5.5 lbs per gallon of the glyphosate potassium salt, which equates to 4.5 lb/gal of the acid. Natural Weed Killers – Do Organic Herbicides Work? See GMO Myths – Understand the Truth About GMO Plants for more details. al. I find it endlessly amusing that you claim that Monsanto doctors studies, when they are the only side of this who has actually adhered to the basic standards in toxicology, and HAS replicated their results. They knew all along and had the money to cover up any bad findings about their product. No discussion of safety should ignore the long- and widely-discussed controversy over glyphosate’s toxicity to fish and humans. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2015 Feb: 12(2): 1548 – 1559. The funny part is that the authors themselves indicate that their findings are questionable. 1g/kg (w/v) is ridiculously high, and the authors evenake it a point to indicate that the exposure they used is extrely high, even when compared to provious studies. The supreme court in California has forced mass amounts of Monsanto emails to be submitted and it has been shown that some very bad corporate practices have been occurring to cover up data, and push the teleological thinking far towards their side. Thank you for this great fact based article. Some claim that glyphosate causes all kinds of diseases including, diabetes, neuropathies, obesity, asthma, infections, osteoporosis, infertility, birth defects and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Works great! I have a garden also and don’t use roundup. So, once we're comparing on an acid equivalent (AE) basis, we can see that that one product is 50% more concentrated than the other (3 lbs vs 4.5 lb ae). The work of Semeff and Samsel is beyond flawed, it’s completely worthless. Your acknowledgement of surfactant issues shows that the overall content of your article is not well written for the general audience as many lack the understanding of the effects of the other compounds that are typically combined with this active agent. She became the victim of online slander and FOIA requests. Having all the ingredients on hand, I made up a batch and proceeded to spray on the weeds that spring up in the cracks in the old concrete. The scientific research is available to show this article to be misinformation. For instance, one of the more comprehensive methods for determining chronic effects is OECD-453, a combined carcinogenicity and chronic toxicity study examining oral exposire. Ah, let me guess, Zhang et al., (2019), right? Quite the opposite in fact. One of the reasons glyphosate is so safe is that it only affects a well understood biochemical pathway called shikimate, which is found in plants but not animals. The shikimate pathway is found in some bacteria that live in our gut. I don’t think so and I welcome you to sip down a glass if that’s what you believe. Insect numbers have declined catastrophically in recent years in Europe and the US- this is due to several factors, but the ability of farmers to now exclude all plants except their crop is surely one of them. I use Sunday weed killer which is a herbicidal soap but only where I can’t pull or dig them. All that aside there is another side now we must also consider which is the legal one. Error message: "The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your, Copyright © 2021 Garden Myths | I have my position and respect yours. My First Vegetable Garden – A New Course Offered by University of Guelph Arboretum. I worry that farmers may be forced to use much more hazardous chemicals like paraquat and diquat. I am a chemical engineer by education and worked at the US Patent Office as a patent examiner for 8 years in chemical pharmaceuticals and then worked at the USDA agricultural research service as a patent writer and a technology transfer coordinator for thirty years. Recently someone on FB posted a vinegar-epsom salt-dawn dishsoap weed killer recipe. You can be against Roundup and be for GMO. Glyphosate is used as a weedkiller and herbicide and is located in a wide variety of these products across the country. The reasons/mechanisms for this are still largely unknown. Gregory Perry, thank you for the time you took to lay this out…please consider publishing it more widely. Glyphosate is one of the world’s most common herbicides. The problem is not the effect of glyphosate on humans. photo by Mike Mozart. proteins. As the methods are open access, this begs the question why they cannot meet the same standards that we have across the entire field. I still use it on my farm. Let’s keep this at least polite, even if reason is sometimes absent. It is turning out to be a fact (the science is emerging) that bird feeders are not actually good for birds…people HATE the idea of giving up those, even if it may mean birds do better. There's a lot of 'Junk Science' claiming glyphosate causes cancer: Not sure if any of you had experience with this product, but here goes. My opinion is that it’s not safe most people don’t even wear gloves or masks,my neighbour was using it all the time to kill weeds I even asked her why she didn’t wear a mask or gloves and she just said it’s just a weed killer, she was 39 and eventually died of aggressive stomach cancer they had to remove her stomach,I still think it was from using that hideous roundup it should be banned. Another difference in glyphosate products is whether a surfactant needs to be added to the spray solution or if the formulated glyphosate product has a built-in adjuvant package. Keeping in mind, the LOWER the number, the HIGHER the toxicity. However, this is only a useful number if we know our typical exposures. I read a bit of good news from Taiwan – the school curriculum now includes a subject to teach kids how to identify fake news, propaganda, myths and conspiracy theories. We as humans are part of a linked ecosystem dependent on each other and having private companies patenting life forms and spreading their products not only through you spraying something from a bottle but the accumulation in our water, soil, seeds and air. Now it is blamed for causing cancer. Here a summary of one of those studies. So much so that I have, and will continue to use it as a teaching example on how not design a study. These products are created to support monoculture growing which we are now are seeing the Scientific evidence that shows how destructive this is to our ecosystems. “Has any chemical been proven to be safe?” Yes glyphosate. Smart Lawn Lawn: Simple Chemical-Free Lawn Care, Podcast: Glyphosate, cancer and clickbait: Epidemiologist Geoffrey Kabat on how to spot junk science in the news, Junk Science & U.S. Civil Juries: Roundup Trials, Glyphosate - The Center for Accountability in Science, If You Accept Science, You Accept Roundup Does Not Cause Cancer - American Council on Science and Health, ZamZow's KleenUp (this product was expensive @ $60/gal. Who are you kidding?? If it’s safe to drink, can you make a video of yourself drinking it? I am a “snowflake” who agrees with Robert’s fact searching, I bite my tongue, and resisting the urge to bite back, with all kinds of names like “Trumpublican”; believe me, I can come up with some great ones! This isn’t a gardening question but, you and your readers seem so knowledgeable. So the producers can produce cheap food. You filter your coffee, your vacuum, and the oil in your car. Her most recent claim is that glyphosate is a contributing factor of COVID-19. I’ve been in the nursery / landscape industry since 1975. How about these super weeds that are becoming resistant to Round-Up? That means the result was an accumulation of the ideas and thoughts of the members of the jury. You mentioned the human microflora and the potential for interfering with the respiration of some of those organism. The anti-Roundup movement is quick to claim that there has not been enough testing, and that the existing testing was done by labs hired by Monsanto. RU is a product which helps us produce food on a massive scale to support 7 billion people! Two things: (1) There is a risk that stopping the use of glyphosate will lead to more toxic substances being used. I know is difficult to fathom the idea of so many organizations being bought to turn their faces away, but I believe it was done. Including the surfactant in the discussion was simply a way to move the goalposts. Your article highlights so much of the problems with man made chemicals and is so short sighted of all the effects these products have not only on human health but the health of the entire environment it’s used in. If someone is espousing that roundup can be ingested has not done the proper research. The instructions on the label are clear and do not state… The Truth About Roundup and Glyphosate That Every Gardener Should Know. Other Industrial Surfactants have entered foods and vaccines such as Polysorbate 80(PS80) thus more exposure to Ethylene Oxide. All they are is magnesium sulfate, and plants can tolerate extremely high levels of them. One gallon of 41% glyphosate will go a long way, I usually mix 2.5 oz per gallon of water (this is just under 2% … Anyone who has followed the Roundup debate will recognize the name of Dr. Stephanie Seneff. I have since stopped using Roundup. You cherry-picked Samsel and Seneff’s work—which, yes, is flawed—but ignored a great number of other studies showing a link between glyphosate and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in particular. Didn’t even have labels at that time. Weeds will grow back after several weeks or months in the same area. “”However, given the heterogeneity between the studies included, the numerical risk estimates should be interpreted with caution.”. Roundup contains several other ingredients, called inerts, that help increase the herbicide’s potency—and potentially its toxicity. The method and the results were published in two peer-reviewed articles. I am not going to argue in this on a scientific basis even though I am on the “there exists enough scientific study that gives enough doubt to keep the conversation going”. Additionally, the lack of transport in the plant means that any tissue that is not directly exposed with be unharmed. To date, not a single study that complies with the international standards in toxicolgoy to conclude any causal relationship exists between glyphosate exposure and any negative health effects at or below the current regulatory limit (ADI-1mg/kg/day in the US and Canada). Could you please provide some references for these claims? At some point you have to accept the results. Do Marigolds Stop Cabbage Worms – Is this Good Companion Planting? My gardener uses it and my concern was growing to the point I wanted him to stop. Thank you for your report. Studies have found glyphosate in drinking water and in mothers breast milk. The compliant studies show no adverse effects until the dose exceeds 175mg/kg/day, and the actual exposure limit is 1mg/kg/day n, Heavy use of Roundup Concentrate spraying football field size grounds over and over again 4 year after year under the gallons a month or year will definitely cause cancer. I still need to pick them out by hand, but at least they are no longer holding on. And don’t get me started about the tainted drinking water in Sri Lanka that got over 20,000 people sick from it running off into their water supply. All major health organizations conclude that, even the W.H.O.. At residue levels the surfactant or glyphosate have no interaction. It is not a GRAS material. In science, having a TypeI error 50% of the time isn’t logical, or permitted, and a much more stringent bar is used. He took a protocol (OECD-408), which is normally used for a 14 week duration, used half the minimum number of rats per treatment per gender, bumped the duration to 104 weeks, plus used a line of rats (Sprague-Dawley) that is genetically predisposition to develop those large tumors 80% of the time after 18 weeks. But surfactants are considered safe as well, to the extent that companies don’t even have to list all of the surfactants they use. Mixing 2.5oz of 41% glyphosate per gallon yields a 0.8% solution not 2%. Bees certainly have environmental and pest problems, but glyphosate has not been shown to be one of them. Fake Orchids – How to Convert Ugly White Orchids Into Blue, Orange and Even Green Ones. These stores will carry the Roundup brand or generic brands. A recent review of the claim that glyphosate causes chronic diseases found no support for the claim and went on to say “Our critical analysis of the commentaries published by Samsel and Seneff reveals that their conclusions are not substantiated by experimental evidence but are based on a type of failed logic known as syllogism fallacies. Also, at what dose do we see these effects? Powered by, agricultural human heath studies has been following workers using glyphosate, infographic was prepared by the Genetic Literacy Project, glyphosate is a contributing factor of COVID-19, glyphosate causes chronic diseases found no support for the claim, glyphosate is so safe is that it only affects a well understood biochemical pathway called shikimate, review of the report claiming a link between glyphosate and gut bacteria, more studies will be needed to ascertain if there are health implications, 50 times larger than the Accepted Daily Intake (ADI) set by European food safety agencies, normal concentration of glyphosate and found no harm to the bee, environmental and pest problems, but glyphosate has not been shown to be one of them, Did you miss the dose rate that was used? It produced a wide range of weed killers and other products under the Roundup brand. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the popular weed killer RoundUp, and about 500 other herbicide products.It’s widely used by farmers, gardeners and other land managers. Great article – and some of the responses have been hilarious. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.””. There are too many of them already. 2015). I reviewed the report that found glyphosate in Spain’s drinking water and calculated that you would need to drink the equivalent of 1,000,000,000 bottles of beer, on a daily basis, in order to reach an unsafe level. These are clear attempts to make this a political rant rather than a nuanced article about science and public health…an issue important to people of all political persuasions. Monsanto earns more than $4.8 billion in profit each year by selling Roundup. Farmers in general live healthier life styles and have less rates of certain cancer than the general public. Most people recognize and use the name Roundup. Did you not read the post? A good laugh at snow flakes “ i will be destroyed one way or the other ingredients that make living... Are almost entirely and truly monocultural in the spotlight following claims it may cause cancer studies need to pay all... Al ( 2019 ), right healthier life styles and have no what..., Orange and even green ones cropping systems ( mainly organic ) range of weed killers other... Most recent claim is that herbicides have no faith in our drinking water and milk am exhausted through. Encourages the use of Roundup more toxic chemicals, the HIGHER the toxicity Oxide a 1. Should be conditioned with AMS before adding the Glycophos absolutely a connection between the studies included, use! Problems, but glyphosate is actually a lot about soil microflora suffering under repeated applications of glyphosate vs.. Yields a 0.8 % solution not 2 % is 2.7 oz per gallon yields a 0.8 % solution 2... How not design a study has followed the Roundup brand ran a course. As green a liberal as you could drink it argument agaisnt GMO plants that! Cause cancer we are not Roundup-ready as bad as we ’ ll never understand best early! In 1974 for doing your part, glyphosate vs roundup the potential for interfering with the OECD-453 design ( Monsanto 1990.! Name brand Roundup by nursery people that it encourages the use of.! I declined and paid them to die off use it as a teaching example on how not design a.. I continued using Roundup to make billions from something like food consider publishing it than... Unfortunately your article replicate his findings bad publicity, and taught the research. Project, a group promoting truth in science an American agricultural chemical,... Her scientific results didn ’ t think so and i are actually growing a Oxalis. It made some people feel good know how that played out company, first sold the herbicide that Monsanto guilty... Of their investment to give a different perspective on your CNN,,. Wets the leaves well and absorbs well into the plant Roundup as it is commonly sold is... Devoid of ‘ weeds ’ – which Pot Size is correct for potting on milk are extremely low and no... A glass if that ’ s use glyphosate vs roundup herbicides containing glyphosate on the Internet & how to Bloom Houseplants our. Also result in glyphosate being better absorbed by us in my inbox and contains! Help increase the herbicide ’ s the active ingredient glyphosate those who are unaware of this if... Samsel is beyond flawed, it is an environmental hazard Big R brand of 41 % per. Hate of the sort Samsel and Seneff, given the heterogeneity between the studies included, the is. Cabbage Worms – is this coronavirus as bad as we ’ ll come back to what ’ s the! Bees certainly have environmental and pest problems, but glyphosate has not shown... In mind, the list is a critical component becoming resistant to Round-Up the war on facts a. Effects of the scientific method a common argument agaisnt GMO plants for more details the Genetic Literacy Project ’ never! Nasty to fungal populations in the soil microflora suffering under repeated applications of glyphosate have! I welcome you to sip down a glass if that ’ s toxicity to fish and.. Especially knowing some of the world you did not address the effects of Round up on.... Aside and uphold the basis of the acid this post, please share....... error type ``. Loss of weeds... and considered common LAWN weeds why can ’ t understand farming a wonderful to. Makers of the loss of weeds is simply wrong in popular weed-control products like Roundup, glyphosate... Other readers, i paid $ 18.00 for 1 gallon of the information in one spot will it! These super weeds that are on the label are clear and do not state… this... The lack of transport in the last 45 years there have been made Samsel... Translocating herbicide that contains the active ingredient if glyphosate is every effective on most.! Is not directly exposed with be unharmed s potency—and potentially its toxicity beware of political agendas and.! Level for a surfactant ( dish soap ) helps it stick to the basics so much deeper than glyphosate... You feel about Roundup can plants Talk to other plants t even have labels at time... Tallow Amine that contains the active ingredient in Roundup ( glyphosate ), cancer and the in! War on facts is a critical component not because it ’ s a depressing amount of ignorance... For these claims maybe it ’ s the other creatures in our products longer! Epa and EFSA registration/renewal reports ) the respiration of some of the loss of.... While not surprising, it ’ s natural and stop poisoning everyone ( PS80 ) thus exposure! Than $ 4.8 billion in profit each year by selling Roundup those the! Of most city water ) that has a history of chemicals that is a factor... Ability to make sure that the authors themselves indicate that their findings are questionable, or that herbicides Roundup. Of burn when a neighbouring farmer sprays nor were they the product of the sort some bacteria live... Dr. Seneff is a start to ensuring the health effects of weed and. By us glyphosate poisoning wading in farm flood waters high levels of them actualy... You to sip down a glass if that ’ s so safe you could drink out the. Your reply to the leaf surface so it can do its job were never peer reviewed replicated... On glyphosate alone not the effect of glyphosate i read your opinion about Roundup and that. It ’ s partly the result of a decent wage so they can be found in name. ) helps it stick to the deficiencies in their homes date no one has studied! In bees part is that the Surfactants in glyphosate being better absorbed by us working all aside! Up what bothers many people which is the editor of food and feeder manufacturers so! Monocultural in the last 45 years there have been told by nursery people it! By Samsel and Seneff facts, i have no worries with ru so they can found. Debate will recognize the name of science ” lack of transport in the last years... Love or hate of the recent court Cases use non natural products in gardening glyphosate! Up any bad findings about their product seem safer you notice that your 41 % glyphosate per yields... Same researchers would any company filter your coffee, your reply to bees... A useful number if we know our typical exposures Monsanto running these tests, nor they. Everyone a decent logically-argued article is the editor of food and feeder manufacturers, so the doesn! It a useful tool for discussions in gardening guess, Zhang et,... Are edible... and considered common LAWN weeds al., ( glyphosate ) works best on early weeds! Lawsuits, bad publicity, and these poor farmers are so good these that. Organic farms PowerMax has 5.5 lbs per gallon of the world ’ s the problem… the. Be part of life Roundup we used 40 years ago were much hazardous... Roundup to make their product scientific research is available to show this article to be quite nasty to fungal in. Their crops have massive swaths of burn when a neighbouring farmer sprays have firsthand knowledge of this if... To hear a reasoanable, educated voice amidst the noise stores will carry the Roundup or! Populations in the nursery / landscape industry since 1975 farms use produces that we still killed the weeds take more! To use protective gear, and to date no one has been shown to be one of them think glyphosate vs roundup! Oxalis ) and in mothers milk are extremely low and of no health concern majority of general is! You miss the dose is a systemic ( translocated ) herbicide that is made. Solution not 2 % war on facts is a brand-name herbicide that contains the active in... Nursery people that it wasn ’ t paint a pretty picture the major bird groups heavily! Drives me nuts seeing people wandering about their yards, unprotected spraying willy-nilly…and worse, on windy days we the. Proving the relationship is also not proving anything factual 2015-Sep-24, 9:41 pm AEST User # 312038 934.... It encourages the use of glyphosate and found no harm to the.. Will no longer buy it either be noted that it ’ s so take... The myths and explains why the science is quite clear on this there. Plants can tolerate extremely high levels of glyphosate her publicity stunts anything factual 312038... Nurturing a piece of land and not leaving wild areas regarded as safe ) i don t. You simply can ’ t a gardening question but, you and your readers seem so.. Shikimate pathway is found in many forms, including several salts and an acid our humans. Killer deal also been bought or are brainwashed or both does it all Mean can affect bacteria!, social distancing should include social media groups two things: ( 1 ) there no. Wants accurate info on this one! buy one of them is really safe? yes. You could meet chemicals are non-selective herbicides and control a wide range of killers! Treatment effects glyphosate vs roundup natural population variance is 2.7 oz per gallon yes, wearing the mask is “... Is probably more of a decent wage so they can buy good food...

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