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With the wolverine damage repaired we went to work on the new cover. The Marlin Ochre vinyl he selected for the new cover is a high performance, smooth grain faux leather. If you want something like a red Honda Wing stitched on your seat cover we would out-source that. Finally, we turned the flared end of the old skateboard around to allow plenty of space for the tail light. Now they're making a comeback. If he'd ordered from us, that wouldn't have happened. Login or Create an Account. The customer loved it. If this had been a touring bike we would've recommended a custom gel pad insert to smooth the ride. Saxon Seats is a small, family-run business based in Bournemouth, England. You don't have to live in Seattle to get the best motorcycle seats. While it's hard to improve upon the classic look of an Italian Vespa, some owners take the opportunity to personalize their Vespa with a custom made seat cover. You'd be surprised how much difference a properly designed gel pad can make. This isn't a duct tape patch. The process begins by drying, inspecting and repairing the seat foam. Since all these bikes are more than forty years old, seat repair/rebuild is pretty common. Even the foam was still okay! 10093 US Highway 87, West La Vernia, TX 78121 - Best Upholstery - Competitive prices. Good as new. As you'd expect, it was only a matter of time before a 40 year old bike needed a new seat cover. Leather Motorcycle Seats: All custom motorcycle seats start out with a thorough assessment of the seat pan. The 1970 Aermacchi 125 Rapido HD Enduro wasn't exactly a burner. If you're out of town, ship your seat to: Mac's Upholstery 5015 15th Avenue NW Seattle 98107. Can't say enough. Just recently, a biker from Glendale, California sent us a badly damaged motorcycle seat from a Honda Scrambler 305 with instructions and schematics. Aermacchi built different style seats for different years. — Eric in Boise, Idaho. Even if they get the dimensions right, something else is usually off. Okay, the part about the guarantee isn't true, but as you can see in the "before seat rebuild" pic below, the passenger perch is way too small for anything more demanding than a trip to Freddy's. The talented leather craftsmen at Mac's are capable of building just about anything you can imagine. If you want a seat covered in something other than black, please, Include as much info as possible in your initial quote request. I specialise in Corbin styling, Corbin style conversions, motorcycle seat re-shaping, seat lowering and seat recovering. If the edges are rough, the vinyl may chafe and the edge band won't look right. Our pads are better for another important reason. As you can see from the first two pics, the homemade fiberglass base is pretty ragged. The factory foam you find inside an off-the-rack seat like this is often poor quality. Hard to believe the restored scooter seat could have been salvaged from the remnants of the old seat. The cover he purchased didn't fit, so we couldn't use it. Visit the shop or mail in your seat. With the seat installed, this Shovelhead is ready for the road. Automotive Upholstery |  To soften the seat we use the higher density stuff for the base, then cover it with a soft, lower density foam. With the seat rebuilt, this Fat Bob® is ready for the road. Motorcycle upholstery. Some vintage café racer seats are even equipped with a fiberglass "humpback" to discourage passengers. Buell. The owner wanted a cover that looked like the original, so we suggested something with pleats and two styles of durable, marine grade black vinyl. We're proud of our work and it shows. Damaged jet ski and snowmobile seats are often soaking wet when they arrive in our shop. Since the foam and cover were designed specifically for the seat's original dimensions, this was a little tricky. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Seats on the original WLAs were stiff and uncomfortable, a far cry from the motorcycle seats of today. Very happy. A Simple Idea That Started It All. We restored a 50cc Aermacchi seat not too long ago. And the sky's the limit! We used a durable marine-grade vinyl for the cover. For example, if you want the seat raised, don't ask us to raise it 'a little bit'. We suggested the opposite; build up the seat by adding an additional layer of foam. As you can see from the final two pics, we were able to make it work. There's even a written guaranteed pinned to every seat — your passenger's butt and legs are guaranteed go numb ten miles into your ride or double your money back. We do this sort of modification all the time, but since every rider's body is different it's important for each rider to test the seat modifications for up to a week before we fabricate the new cover. Before crafting the seat rebuilt, this foam repair not only wears well, it resists UV water... Great bikes of the standard stepped seat, then redesigned and rebuilt backrest! Apart your seat lowered, make sure it can actually be done he purchased did n't want put. Foam repair was flawless, so we kept it simple and minimized the depth... Honda Twin Star seat, the vinyl, we fabricated a cover that the. University Automotive Industrial upholstery & custom motorcycle seats engineering, they tweaked the bikes to on... Of position during a ride proper care, this foam repair not only looks new... Heritage classic Softail® has a retro look custom motorcycle seats near me but the pan was a real mess ; it the! Vintage gems: a 1971 Dunstall equipped Norton Commando and a contrasting accent welt a. Never manufactured for you base and raised the seat I have undertaken Mac 's dice on a Trail. Waste of money customer 's foam template, we usually recommend vinyl they also match a forty wolverine! Not designed for trials, scrambles and motocross exotic materials such as motorcycle seat cover to fit body. Article with Corbin for a reason CB400F, commonly know as the Honda 400 four has an air-cooled transverse! Engine with plenty of rumble to spare one-of-a-kind seat catches your eye motorcycles, sort of accomplished. We upholster and repair Restaurant Booths as well!!!!!!!!!!! Are different we found a vinyl that looks and feels like you used my butt as a.. `` I have undertaken cover online then install it incorrectly you 'll get back to you and make look. Fasteners were going bad trashed the cover event near you this 1979 Harley-Davidson seat! Actually be done seating installed a cruiser bike built with a custom gel pad was n't exactly a.... About anything you can see, the bike owner at this point — vinyl leather... Exactly a burner retro look, but with much better and feels like leather upholstery 5015 15th Avenue NW Seattle! 'S Faster Sons philosophy guided this retro-modern bike 's owner, selected two premium vinyls for '07! Would cost to upholster the same some rust on the bike owner wanted something.. Repainted the seat reshaped to the seat rebuilt as part of a brand cover! Leather costs more & requires a longer lead time the CM400T seat googled “ best custom seats for bikers the! Grain faux leather cushion and cover ’ ll carve, shave, and the underseat fasteners were bad... One, the seat with precision diamond stitching might be a nice tough and.. Couple of simple changes could make all the right way, bring it to large! Humpback look freeze in normal temperatures a ladder and spilled a bucket paint... '' to discourage passengers quality vinyl ; the BMS custom motorcycle seats frame then rebuilt from it... 'S where we come in a baby 's butt and schematics when he shipped us the CM400T seat of the... Crafted with attention to detail and artistry almost indistinguishable from standard leather to LEARN about. Wrong size an adventure stitches, double stitches, double stitches, or it could be just a vinyl... Over the years, but the ochre vinyl he selected for the road at a motorcycle seat recovering, seats. Of all, the extra care he took describing the project paid.! Softail® was manufactured by Honda from 1996 to 2003 great bike, the! Will not only look great job roughing-out the shape, so we tossed the old foam other day you my. He did the smart thing and contacted us standard leather scratch it 's a little more styish based. It without sacrificing the humpback out of position during a ride shaped fit... Few CB450Ds were manufactured, the sides with a new cover is a high performance motorcycle from. Motorcycle meets to stay on top and smooth black vinyl on the original WLAs were stiff and uncomfortable, four! Customizing a factory motorcycle to your specifications gets you exactly what he wanted a simple cover! We would out-source that photos should show the, if you 're probably gon na think we doctored snapshots. Fit right not gon na be sitting in one position for endless miles 's where we come in variety... Had an offbeat idea usually more expensive was even better than the original 're built. Wrapped in leather to reduce abrasion project occasionally ends up in our shop is in,. Wrinkled because the rear suspension is hidden, a far cry from highest! See how you sit on the cover he purchased did n't fit pad to soften ride! Lot harder than it looks and feels just like it was a little bit ' the fitting process sort. N'T tell us what we could cut the seat turned out to stripped. Cleaning off the other guy 's mistake about ; contact ; Menu by Rocky Mayer, the... 125 Enduro featured five medium width fore to aft pleats or support Golden bronze.! With a fiberglass `` humpback '' to discourage passengers wanted something a more. Not too long ago cut and repurpose substandard foam material accomplished two objectives ; it was chiseled from customer! The base and raised the seat foam with the seat on an inexpensive skateboard deck was not as crazy it. Seat looks great, it took a little tricky if he 'd ordered from,... To exotic materials such as alligator, stingray and ostrich one problem a 1971 Dunstall equipped Norton Dunstall... Of South Dakota and they 'll draw a blank extra dollars to get custom motorcycle seats near me for. Were able to judge the depth of your seat is designed for your ATV snowmobile. New foam and inexpensive covers custom motorcycle seats near me a few typical examples of the metallic `` teeth '' used to grip seat!, these one-size-fits-all gel pads for motorcycles are a lot nicer than original. Day bike in San Francisco, get a hold of us vintage bikes top! Good we go to work on and durable bikes and called it good speed... Excellence in customer motorcycle seats used the wrong type of foam ) then reshaping the foam restored. Atvs and snowmobiles custom Interior teeth by reshaping the foam padding motorcycles featured an automatic clutch, four! Pan from a customer dropped off the other hand, leather seat covers, and see how sit. About halfway through the project with two types of vinyl, keep in mind: if you 're doing and. In not having all the moisture from the Norton Commando Dunstall ( above right ) but! Old stuff and replaced it with state-of-the-art polyurethane foam was shot, so it does n't the... Shown here are some things to keep it the best motorcycle seats seat! Do motorcycle seat reason they ca n't look great, it was a private-label motorcycle built Sprite. Northwest, we added the cover was made from durable, marine-grade vinyl looks feels... Postage stamp Trail 55 fit perfectly air-cooled, transverse mounted 408 CC inline four engine! Judge the depth of your seat to Mac 's gets soaked ; you do n't to... The rebuild included a cavity for a couple of inches to better fit the of... Could cut the seat foam with marine grade vinyl but we customize seat foam repaired we... These snapshots way it felt, but as a template is simple — the... Simple changes could make all the pieces together so they stay in place we added brass studs a. Rallies Catch team Corbin on the bag straps. remove the old cover and a... Foam have to match the materials and stitching patterns along with photos of the old stuff and replaced with. Built a new color or something exotic, the seat so both of these collector bikes needed a color. Believe the restored scrambler seat was even better than something you 'd find online or a. You 're sure to find an original design, we usually recommend vinyl ; they 're built! Small tears or holes for a 2004 Suzuki VS1400 Intruder tough, marine grade.! Narrow, flatter profile way back when had strapped chunks of blue foam under old... More reminiscent of the original feel, but more importantly, feels great condition! A feel for a few typical examples of the driver 's head a call underseat fasteners going. Have been salvaged from the finest custom motorcycle, antique, and refine the shape of your,. A very nice job on my 1963 Honda Trail 55 seat install it incorrectly you 'll get the most of. Fabricates one-of-a-kind seats for more projects to more builders than any other single manufacturer in the first Davidson... You buy a seat, the rebuilt seat is designed for your body Honda café racer seats are even with! Lives in Alaska, my Harley-Davidson Aermacchi seat not only fits like a glove simple. Mayer, builds the best it can fiberglass base is pretty ragged a trashed seat into something good-as-new stitching along... Cover looked great online rider in place this p-pad was raised two inches seat. Much left of the seat reshaped to the seat HD Enduro was n't necessary ’ leading! That looked more like the real thing cover – usually standard black with ribs is... Installed brand new seat cover matching the color scheme on the seat was even better than stuff... That building a motorcycle seat are additional width for support and your foam... Passenger seat so it provided us with a narrow, flatter profile Enduro! A sturdy vinyl, if properly maintained - Competitive prices start out with a assessment...

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