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The site assessment visit at Roșia Montană concluded successfully

The site visit of the designated expert within the ICOMOS assessment of the nomination of the Roșia Montană Mining Landscape for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List has concluded successfully.

The mission in Romania of Dr. Helmuth Albrecht, Professor at the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (Technical Mining Academy in Freiberg), designated expert of ICOMOS for the assessment in situ of the Roșia Montană Mining Landscape, nominated by Romania for inscription on the World Heritage List, took place between September 25 and 29. ICOMOS – The International Council on Monuments and Sites – is an Advisory Body of the World Heritage Committee for the implementation of the World Heritage Convention of UNESCO.

During the entire mission, Prof. Albrecht was assisted by the team of Romania’s National Institute of Heritage (NIH), comprising Dr. Irina Iamandescu, Director for Immovable Heritage at NIH and Focal Point for the World Heritage Convention, Dr. Béatrice Cauuet, Université Toulouse II Jean Jaurès – leader of the recent mining archaeological research programme at Roșia Montană, and Mr. Barry Gamble, World Heritage expert.

The mission was aimed, according to the ICOMOS procedure, to the site assessment of aspects regarding the authenticity and integrity of the property components identified in the nomination file as bearing Outstanding Universal Value, as well as of the future management of the site.

The mission comprised the visit of the most relevant property components – both above ground and underground – and the inspection of the proposed boundaries.

Within the mission programme were included several meetings to central and local authorities, and institutions, organisations and experts involved in the protection of the cultural heritage of Roșia Montană.

This stage, preceded by the independent desk review of the nomination file by several international experts, concludes the evaluation process carried by ICOMOS.

The next important step in the ICOMOS procedure is the analysis of all reviews and the decision on its recommendation to the World Heritage Committee, which takes place within an internal commission (the World Heritage Panel). This includes the audition, planned for November, of the nominating team and the representatives of the Romanian State – the Permanent Delegation of Romania to UNESCO. The final decision on the ICOMOS recommendation will be communicated in March 2018.

In July 2018, at its 42nd session, the World Heritage Committee will assess the case and adopt its decision on the nomination of the Roșia Montană Mining Landscape for inscription on the World Heritage List.